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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Oh Crumbs!

Definite plus side to this mooring: Almost every workywalkies starts and finishes with a freerun along the towpath! I like it!

A lazy start after such a late night last night was welcome. This morning's visitors were, of course, welcome too. Visitors are ALWAYS welcome! Richard and Fiona, the Waterways' Chaplains, came for a yackety session. Then, not long after they left, we set out on our one little trip today; a nice leisurely wander along the towpath to 'Find the shop' (Aldi), then a delicious set of four 'Find the crossing and get the button' jobs. I do love hupping to show Mummy where the button is - those buttons all dispense little yummies! A brief call into another 'find the shop' (Asda) where I soooooo nearly got my jaws around a wonderful smelling big blob of meat, before Mum realised why I was guiding her so expertly that way! Huff! "Oi! don't even think about it" seems to mean I can't have it!

I suppose the bone I got to munch when we got home goes some way to making up for that robbery. I made sure I sprinkled the floor very liberally with lots and lots of bone crumbs! Heehee! They all seem to have disappeared again though while I was out doing what a dog has to do after dinner.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Ambassor Oakley! Bring on the Ferrari Rushes!

Hairy Hero.....

Just some of the accolades received tonight. I can bear them all! I thank you!

We went on a journey; workywalkies, train, workywalkies, train (mega squished train!), workywalkies, human yummyery, workywalkies. I got my picnic dinner in the human yummyery at the same time as Mummy and Daddy had theirs. There was a cold crunchy block in the water that Mummy added to my food nuggets. The water came from a see through human drinking bowl thing that the workyman brought to the table. I picked out the crunchy lump and put it on the carpet beside my picnic bowl. When I went to try to eat it after I finished my nosh, it was gone! All that was left was a soggy patch on the carpet. I don't know who pinched it. I wasn't aware of any intruders.....

Anyway.....the workywalkies took us to a biggish building with some nice ladyhumans inside. Mum said it was a dubble-yew-eye meeting. The ladiehumans all sat around the room and listened while Mummy did oooooodles of yacketying at the front, and Daddy did clicketyfingersing that seemed to make pictures of me appear on the wall! Most importantly though, two fellow Guide Dog buddies arrived! It was Hilly the golden retriever mummydog and little Kate the 11 month old black lab puppy in training. Ooooh! it was sooooo good to have the company of colleagues! Their respective humans are nice too of course!

Mummy seemed to be telling the ladies all about how I have changed her life by being me and doing what I do! I just had to lie there beside her and look adorable! It is such a difficult job I have to do sometimes! Of course, the really tough bit was receiving all the fusses and admiration!

Mummy says that we collected £48.50 shinydisks for doing this tonight. This will be going into our Name a Puppy funds.

The return journey didn't have the first bit of workywalkies because one of the nice ladyhumans gave us a ride in her car. I got to sit in the front between Mummy's back paws. That meant I got a few extra head strokes an fusses from the nice ladyhuman every time she did a twiddle of that funny stick in the middle of the front bit. The train ride was oodles more comfortable too. It was almost empty so I got to stretch out and enjoy the expanse of carpet!

Mummy got chatting with another ladyhuman, named Geri, at the station. Apparently Geri is a VIP like Mummy and is thinking of applying for a Guide Dog to help her. After we got off the train, we had to pose for Daddy's one-eyed-clickybox with Geri. I hope she does get a lifechanger pooch..... maybe a playbuddy one day........

3 photos:
Me getting fusses on the very crowded train where we had to stay standing in the doors area all squished between lots of people.

Me sitting between Mummy and Geri who was wearing red eyewindows and a big guitar bag on her back.

Me sitting on the train looking upwards, just before I sprawled out on the carpet.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Huff! No Hoovering...

Good Mummy!

See....we DID need to go into Pets R Us!

Mummy seems to think that, because she is a human, that makes her always the boss in our partnership. I beg to differ! The other day, we walked past the door of the only shop worth going into. 'Not today' she said. Well, I tried to protest but did as I was told and we continued on to another shop further along. On the way back, before she got chance to realise where I was dutifully guiding her, I managed to get her in there! It was not to be though; she realised far too soon and we had to turn around and go back out again. I was not impressed! I registered my not-impressedness by putting on the ploddipaws.

Today, we took a slightly different route to get there but I soon recognised where we were and took over the directions as soon as Mum yielded. This was my chance.

Left, down steps, stop at kerb, across the carpark, up the kerb, past Costa (I did give her a quick glance to check that wasn't today's destination), past a few other shops and......IN THE DOOR! YESSSSS!

I had to do a 'sit' on the shiny platform thing that gives away my numbers. It gave away 28 of them kayjees today. Mummy seemed happy with that. I then got to guide her to the best aisle; the yummies boxes. I was seriously miffed though; NO HOOVERING! It was all clean! Not a crumb! Harrumph! I tried to nuzzle the lid up on one of the boxes but Mum told me off! Apparently there is a difference between hoovering the floor and stealing from the boxes.......Well, I wasn't planning on stealing. I was going to hoover...... Nope! It seems this would not be permissible. Humph! I did persuade Mummy to get me some of those nice big crunchy carrot biccies though. Small compensation I guess.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Thorough Cleansing Service.

All gone! All my efforts - disappeared! Hooowwwwlllll......

I took Daddy out for a walkies (too slippy underpaw for Mummy). It seems that, while we were out, Mummy went berserk with her domesticals. She has destroyed ALL of my nose-art on the windows, and all my super artistic stippling effect from just about everywhere! No dots on the white-warmer-walls, no spots on the cupboard doors, no spatters on the white chillycupboard..... I am going to have to start aaaallll over again!

It was good to share my bed-sofa with Aunty Lindsay though! She does the bestest tummytickles and ear rubs and she likes doggy-snogs too! She left with a much cleaner face and ears than she had when she arrived! Not every human seems to appreciate my thorough cleansing services, and I respect that, but oooooohhhhh it is good to greet an enthusiast!

Photo shows me on my bed-sofa, with Lindsay who is tickling my chest and has her front paw around me.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Shortest Blog Ever!


By our floatyboatyhome with snow on my nose!

Close-up of the snow on my nose.


Saturday, 17 March 2018

Airfuff and Skyfluff.

There's only one way to spend the afternoon after a long workywalkies with freezing cold airfuff and loads of white skyfluff, and that is asnoozin' with Mummy! (Well...I enjoyed the snooze....I think Mummy was doing tippetytappetystuff on her toy)

Mum says we walked 5.9 miles today and that is good training for our Tenkay that is coming soon. I hope it isn't so freezing cold fuffy when we do it!

If anyone wants to help us on our way then please go to www.virginmoneygiving.com/TraceyOakleyClarke

Every single shinydisk, no matter how big or small, goes towards sponsoring a puppy to become a life-changing Guide Dog like me.

Photo shows me asleep lying beside Mum's back legs, with my right front leg draped across her legs, and my head resting on her thigh.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Silly Lady!

You do all know that I'm jesting when I moan about my life, don't you? It's all tongue-in-jowl stuff. I love my life really.

When I took Mummy workywalkies today (a super good workywalkies it was too - just Mum and me on a mission to Pets R Us! Yessssss!!!!), a ladyhuman stopped us and got all stroppy with Mummy. It seemed to me like a human snappy-snarly kind of yipping. She was going on about how horrible Mummy is to make me work all the time. She said it is really cruel and mean to have slave animals like Guide Dogs all trapped into a life of non-stop work and no chance to be a real dog. Mummy was all upset and tried to tell her it is not true but she stomped off before listening. I gave Mummy my waggiest loves and made her feel happier again. I think she must have been OK because she got me some new toy things from Pets R Us. She also rescued me when my harness got me trapped under the shelf! Oops! Well....there was a yummy under there....I couldn't leave it to rot could I?

Please do share this post and spread the woof that we Guide Dogs really are a happy family. We are much happier than a lot of pet dogs. We don't get left outside shops and other places. We very rarely get left home alone, and, if we do, it is only for a very brief time. We get to go into all sorts of places that pet dogs are not allowed. Whenever we are working, we are going walkies; how good is that? Our job is all about doing a dog loves doing most; going walkies! Walkies with a purpose is even better! We are super intelligent and love to use our brains. That is exactly what we do every time our harness goes on. We get the best possible health care, good food in what the humans call just the right quantities to keep us at our optimum weight (I am a Labrador - I simply have to dispute this point! I could simply NEVER be fed enough!.....), we have a team of humans all looking out for our welfare, health, happiness and wellbeing. Above all, we get loads of 'downtime' to relax, have fun and just be dogs.

We are not slaves. We do it all willingly and happily. We love our job and our humans. If any of us ever have a problem, the team of humans come to our aid and, if/when we get to a point when we have had enough of our jobs, then we get to retire. Even then, they still care about us. We NEVER end up unloved, unwanted or suffering. We are looked after from our very beginning to our very end, from nose to tail.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Attacked with Wet Wipes!

Spoilsport Mummy!

I almost got to get a good coating of eau-de-dead-and-rotting-creature. I managed to get a little rub of one side of my neck and a shoulder. Then Mum yelled at me and hoicked me away! She said it was disgusting. I thought it was delectable! Alas, I was unable to get a full and proper smothering. Instead, I got thoroughly attacked with wet wipes when we got home, then with a wet frothy flannel too. It seems the wet wipes were not up to fully restoring her choice of 'nice' smell! Hufff!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Shiny bits under the Sloshbowl!

Lazy bones day today.

Lazy for Mummy. Bones for me! Yummy!

Mummy said a rest day from all the walking was a good plan today for her - to give her hurty back paws a break. She says she would like to point out that she most certainly hasn't been idle though, but has done lots of domesticals.

I took Daddy for a walkies to a big shop where he spent aaaaages yacketying to the workymanhuman and workyladyhuman. Eventually, after some fusses for me, we left complete with a few little bits of white tube and huge long (taller than Daddy) white tube. When we got back, he used a funny little to-and-fro zizzystick thing to cut a tiny bit off of the long tube. It was not even as big as my paw, but he says that is all he needs, but he had no choice but to buy the whole length! He then disappeared into the bathroom and used some strange toys to fix the bits of white tube and some shiny bits too under the sloshbowl. I watched him on and off, but I really have no idea what that was all about! Humans are so odd!

Monday, 12 March 2018

Take Me to the Mud!

I woz conned! I don't think I will ever trust Daddy again! That was a mean rotten trick.

I did my duty in workywalkiesing Mummy (with Daddy tagging along too) into the big shoppy place. I did as Mummy asked; 'Find Costa'. We went in and found some human friends at the back. Mummy removed my harness then sat down and started yacketying. Daddy said 'Come on Oaks. Let's go find Pets at Home'. Well..... no second asking required for that one! I set off with Daddy, tail in a major wag! We went into Pets R Us, which was just along the pavement a little way from Costa. I was all happy and excited...... then Daddy took me into another room inside. It smelled worrying..... frothystuff smell! Uh-oh!

Then, Daddy did the meanest thing of all; he handed my lead to the ladyworkyhuman and he offed and left me! I tried my hardest to follow him and point out his error, but to no avail. I was abandoned to the froth-attack.

Not only a froth attack though; a 'luxury' froth attack apparently, then a hufferfuffer assault, then a lughole scrub-out and a fangs-frothing too! I think I got well and truly poofed up!

Now.....where's the nearest super-stinky mud? .....

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Not Totally Shattered...


Do not disturb (unless you have yummies).

Mummy says today has been practice for our tenkay thingy. She says we have workywalkiesded 12.8km (8 miles) in total. She is complaining that her back paws are hurting now. I have no idea what the problem is - I mean....I've workywalkiesded all that far AND I freerunded a whole load more too! No problems with my paws! I think it must be that 4 vs 2 thing again!

Workywalkies to church was only a shorty today but there was a nice carpet to snooze on and lots of new humanpals to meet and greet! Then, after a brief return to floatyboatyhome for that lunch thing they have, we set off out again and walked and walked and walked. It was all very exciting - all on completely new territory - a good challenge! It seems that Daddy's main purpose for this trip was to get a white pipe thing from a shop. Much more importantly though, after doing that bit, we found a FREERUN! Yayyy! Big green open space plus trees and bushes! Blissssss!!!

There were some manhumans around that were using long shiny sticks to hit little white balls around. We stayed away from that area, but, in the bit we did go to, I found lots and lots of those little white balls lying around. Mummy told me over and over again to 'Leave it'. I got this game! It was good! Everytime i did 'Leave it' I got a huge 'Good boy' and a scrummy-yummy! I'm glad there were so many white balls to 'Leave it'! Heehee! Pepperami is well worth doing a good 'Leave it' for!

Now, if you will excuse me, I really need to inspect the insides of my eyelids. They seem exceptionally heavy and need to be checked thoroughly........ zzzzzzzz......mmm..nnn..mmmm?? Did anybody mention going out again? No? Oh....well...zzzzzz.....

See....I am moving.....I am not really totally shattered.....I've moved from position 1 to position 2 and even to position 3......

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Black Country Living Museum.

Old places! Lot of old fusty places! Nose-tickling corners. Miles of workywalkies. Yummy hooverings. Fusses and admirations. That about covers today. Oh...and Mummy failed again to yield to my bestest attempt to guide her in the right direction.

A workywalkies, a bus ride and then another workywalkies took us to a place we've been to before. Mum says it is called the Black Country Living Museum. She says it was a special day for 'Disability Access' or something...... It started off with a session in a big room with seats and some humans doing yacketying up front with black lollipops. Then we set off out around the huge place. There was loads of big green spaces and I did get a bit hopeful that it might be freerun territory, but no! It was miles and miles of workywalkies territory going in and out of all sorts of nose-tickly, sneezy old buildings. Don't get me wrong - it was all good and enjoyable workywalkies - especially the long stretched out in the open areas, but oooooh that green stuff did look appealing......
We had a ride of a really old lumpety bumpety red bus with no door on the back. I usually have a lie down on a bus, but I had to sit up on this one - it was too bumpy-jiggly to stay down!

We went into a human yummyery. Mummy and Daddy munched on yummies from a sort of floppy white pointy thing - not off of the round flat dishes that they usually use. Mummy dropped a few little morsels my way - white superscrummy flaky stuff and a couple of yellow sticks. Nom Nom Nom!!! I do like having a messy Mummy! When we went outside i managed to find quite a few more of those yellow sticks to hoover and I mastered the knack of gently guiding Mum toward them before she realised why we were heading that way! Heehee! Welll.....all that workywalkies worked up an appetite!

At the end, we went back into the big room we started in and I got to enjoy a great self-massage on the carpet while Mum did a load of yacketying with other humans. I got some more good fusses too and a bit of a lie-down for a short while.

Then, I did my duty and guided Mummy back ot the bus stop, found her a seat on the bus and off again at the right stop. We then went to a big boring shop called Homebase where Daddy spent ages staring at all sorts of white tubes before we walked out again with nothing! The route back across the carpark was where Mummy failed to follow my guidance. I tried so very hard to take her across to the right, but she was seriously insistent on going 'straight on' - totally the wrong way. Pets R Us is off to the right! I tried every possible route back to the correct direction but Nope! She totally insisted she was right and I was wrong! Harrumph!

4 photos from the Black Country Living Museum:
Me sitting in harness with a  lady policebob pointing at me and holding a stick she wouldn't let me play with.
Oooh! This kind of pose! A 'sit' pose in front of that big red flappy thing I almost knocked over! Oops!
Photo pose time in the big room, in front of a big red banner.
My bestest pose! Posed perfectly for a belly rub! Oooh.....up a bit Mum....yeah.....just there......oooh yes!!

Friday, 9 March 2018

Lovely Towelrub.

Waddyamean "Not today. Straight on?" But....but....but - that's Pets R Us! We cannot possibly not need to go in! Mum you are sooooo wrong! How could you? I mean.....even the door opened as we got near......that means we HAVE to go in.....

Huff! She meant it though! We didn't go in. I did my bestest big huff and put on my ploddyest ploddypaws but it didn't work. We went straight on by and into a boring humanfursubstitutes shop instead! And then, to add to the torture, the same insistent command met my ears on the way back again! More big huff and more ploddypaws made no difference. I kept up the ploddypaws......for a few paces......but then the excitement of new route, new territory got the better of me.

We've spent a lot of today on a bus, but with some good workywalkies bits interspersed too. At this end of the bus ride, it is all very exciting and I need to strut my stuff super good for Mummy as it is a whole new place. At the other end of the bus journey, we were on familiar territory again, in Bumingham city centre, but we did go on some routes even there that Mummy was less familiar with and so I had to make sure I kept her out of trouble.

There was one stretch of pavement, on our new territory, where there were lots and lots of cars parked on the pavement. There wasn't enough space for Mum and me to got through in our normal and proper side-by-side working positions. I had to do my 'Go ahead' thing for Mummy. This was a bit nerve-wracking because I usually only do this on narrow stretches of towpath, not beside really busy roads. We did it though! We made it through!

The towelrub was lovely when we got home - it almost made the soggy end to our workywalkies worth doing. Working under leakyskies is never fun though.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff.

Team towpath in action again today! Yayyy! Workywalkies along loads of towpath - some on green squelchy grass, some on gooey mud, some on gritty stuff, and some on megahard stuff. All of it with my attention needed to look after Mummy. On the green squelchy stuff, there were holes and lumpybumpy bits that I had to steer her around and warn her about (stop, nuzzle knee, then nose to hazard to show Mum to be careful). The gooey muddy bits had some very icky puddles to take her around. The gritty stuff was, in places, only a narrow little path with mud and grass either side. Across lots of it there were all sorts of twigs and big sticks. Much as I would have loved to get acquainted with some of them, especially the big sticks (Mum says I'm not supposed to play with them but they are so tempting), I just had to remember my job and make sure she didn't trip over them. The megahard stuff was mainly underneath a huuuuuuge bridge that went on forever. Mum said it was the M5. It rumbled! It had lots and lots of cages all over its underneath and its legs and there were hi-viz manhumans with big white domeheads everywhere! I had to weave Mummy in and out of all sorts of bits of cages and pipes and bollards and things. It was a challenge indeed! But Team towpath conquered it! We made it back aboard floatyboatyhome for a cruise past the bits we couldn't walk because the whole towpath was in a huge cage!

Then came the fun bit! I got to walk the length of the lock flight three times! Heehee! First of all, I took Daddy up to the top, then back down again. (Apparently, he was checking it was navigable and that there would be somewhere to moor at the top). Then I got to do it all again - but this time with Mummy doing all the windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff. This makes it all a bit stop start, but Mum seems to make it fun by doing something she calls obedience practice while we wait for the locks to do their thing in lifting floatyboatyhome up. I just call it a good chance to gallop to Mummy and get a yummy for having that bit of fun!!

Before we set off today though, Daddy got us posing beside floatyboatyhome. He said it was about time we had an updated profile picture. This will be duly uploaded in a moment, but for now, here is a preview.

Photos show Mummy and me beside our floatyboatyhome. in one of them Mummy is standing beside me, and in the other it is just me. In both, I am in harness and dutifully sitting and posing, facing the camera. Floatyboatyhome is a burgundy and dark blue narrowboat with a silver grey canopy on the front. This is called a cratch cover and acts like a sort of porch, covering the whole of the bow deck area. It has an almost triangular front (narrowing at the top), and windows all around it. In these pictures the doors are open and flapped up and over the top to get them out of the way.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Squished Ball.

We've had a largely resty day today. Well.... sort of..... Mummy has been doing 'Mummy' stuff in the kitchen all day (she failed dismally though - she didn't drop anything worth having!). I took Daddy leisure walkies this morning, while floatyboatyhome was having a big drink from the squirtysnake.

Then, we cruised - at first just around the corner to meet a manhuman who squirted stinkystuff through a different squirtysnake into into the hole in the boat's bum end. Then we set off on a longer cruise. It was a very slow and noisy cruise. Floatyboatyhome was crunching a lot of the way and making the hard lid on the water go ping pyoing crunch scrunch.

I did have to help Mummy to work three locks - and I got a squished ball out of one of them - it now seems to be in lots of little bits! Ahem! Oops!

On a different note - some folks have been asking for the link to our Brighton Tenkay shinydisks-raising thingy. It is pinned to the top of my page, but here it is anyway for those who have asked.

Mum says today was a resting day from the training - especially after a mega day yesterday. I shall get her in training again tomorrow though!


Photo shows me and Mum at the top of a lock, waiting, by the beam, for Daddy to glide floatyboatyhome in so Mum can shut the gate and then do her windy-uppy thing at the other end, to make the water get deeper inside.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Frequent Ear Rubs.

Wow! Mum says I have 2300 fans now and my 2300th fan is my brother, Oliver's humandaddy, BJ. Welcome Uncle BJ!

Mum says we've workywalkiesded 10.5 miles today, and she was compooperated afterwards! I don't know what's wrong with her! I'm ready and waiting to go walk another 10.5 miles!

First of all it was a trip to Morrisons. I sooooo nearly got myself a yummy treat in there. Someone had left one of those little carry-cage things on the floor with a big lump of red deliciousness on the top of it! Well....it was right there - at my level - all abandoned - just begging to be rescued from that cage....... Mummy was a meanie! She somehow knew what I was thinking and tugged my head away just at that crucial moment! She said I shouldn't help myself to rump steak from someone's basket! Harruummppphhhh!

Actually, Mummy was a bit of a meanie all day; She seemed to be concentrating far too hard on where I was aiming my nose and kept on telling me 'Leave it' and tugging me away from my street-cleaning duties! Huff! She did give me a tiny yummy when I did 'leave it'. I'm not sure if it was sufficient compensation though!

The second trip out was the looooooong one! We set out across town and went to a really old fustymusty place. It seems these old places are 'fascinating mewsiums'. Hmmmm..... fascinating I don't think! A challenging job for me is more like it. Steep twisty stairs, narrow doorways and lots of obstacles to guide Mummy around. Then, when I did get to investigate the occasional corner it made my nose explode! Mum says today's visit was to the Bumingham Back to Back houses. There was a manhuman doing lots of yacketying which apparently was interesting. There was also a nice ladyhuman who was doing all the listening, like Mum and Dad did, but she had some wonderful fusses and ear-rubs to offer at frequent intervals!

Before heading back home for my dinner, I had to guide Mum yet further away - to the outside of some old building - just for Daddy to point his one-eyed-clickybox at it! Then we went into a talkybone shop on the way home. (Apparently Mum's talkybone is a bit naff - whatever that means!). Finally, we got home; past my dinnertime! I survived just long enough to make it to my bowl. Mummy says she gave me a tiny bit extra to make up for all my hard work today. I am not convinced.....it didn't last any longer......I'm sure she must have forgotten the extra bit - or maybe she even forgot the main bit and that is yet to come...... .I shall just have a little lie down and wait in hope.........zzzzzzzz.

Photo shows Mum and me outside the shop of the Bumingham Back to Backs.

Monday, 5 March 2018

The Boys are Back in Town!

Me and my Brother!!

Wow! I met my brother Oliver!

It was after a looooong workywalkies to take Mum and Dad to Mr ClunkyClicky HumanVet, then the bus ride back to town. It was as we were workywalkiesing again from town to home that I spotted a colleague ahead! As we drew nearer, there was that unmistakable 'cannot resist' feeling and we both perhaps forgot our manners ever so slightly and pulled our respective humans onto the right path so we could meet and greet. Of course, we dogs simply did the dignified and proper thing of giving each other a good sniff and licks around the chops. The humans, on the other hand just did their yacketying thing. In a split second, Oliver and I knew all we needed to know, but the humans finally established that we share a birthday and doggy parents, so that makes us brothers! We haven't seen each other since we were tiny puppies but I think I heard Mummy and Oliver's humandaddy (BJ) mention something about maybe getting together for a play! Oooooh! How good will that be? Do it Mummy. Do it....please......

Photo of me and Oliver sitting side by side on a brick surfaced pavement area with my Mummy and Daddy and Oliver's Daddy, BJ standing around us.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Bed Testing!

Tasty nose!

Before church this morning, I got to enjoy a romp around in the whitefluff all over the 'garden' by our moorings. I found a big lump of white stuff all piled up. In it was a yummy carrot. It was delicious! Mummy said I ate the snowman's nose! Well, I could leave a juicy carrot to go to waste could I?

After church, I got another chance for a romp around there and this time I found two buddies to romp with! It was a great game of chase even though one of my pals only had three legs! It didn't seem to make him any slower!

After humanlunch, we got visitors; two ladyhumans; one was Susan who came before and this time she brought her mum too. They didn't stay long but they did do good fusses!

After that, we went for the bestest bit of the day: a FREERUN along the towpath - quite a long way along a route we haven't been before! Some bits were still all white and slippy underpaw, some were slushymushy and some were just wet and sploshy. The white slippy bits proved once again that sturdy-4-paws is far superior to slippy-2-paws. Mummy really struggled to walk on it. I had absolutely no problem!

On our way home again the sky started leaking its normal wet stuff so I got a super towelrub when we got back! Now, if you will excuse me, I will leave you to check out the photos of the day while I check out my new bed - it needs more testing!

Photos and a video:
Me enjoying a sniff on the towpath beside the frozen canal.

Mum, me and our visitors today.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Dead Good Day!

Snow play, Slushy-mushy workywalkes, a really old place and a cozy new bed. Yep! That sums up today!

Mummy let me have a loony time in the deep white fluffy stuff all over the 'garden' by our moorings. When it is all so very white, Mum finds it difficult to navigate so, a couple of times, she kind of half tumbled when she stepped forward and her back paw disappeared up the bendy bit in the middle! (She was OK though. No ouches or anything). Do you know how difficult it is to find just the right place for a doggy download? Everywhere looks and smells the same! I found the right spot though - about as far away from Mum as I could get - so she had to do that really funny human-penquin walk all the way! Heehee!

Mum picked up pawfuls of white stuff and scrunched it into a ball, then threw it for me to go fetch. It disappeared into all the rest of the fluff! I got quite good at catching them though when she threw them up in the air in my direction. I didn't need to 'fetch it back' so I munched it away! That made mouths of passersby turn upwards! Heehee!

Game over and time to go into town. Workywalkes was really hardgoing because the white fluff was all brown yucky slush mush and Mummy found it ever so difficult to walk on. This made me a bit tense and tense makes me a bit tuggy-anxious! It wasn't our bestest workywalkies, but we managed it with help from Daddy.

The really old place was called the Coffin Museum. It had some long boxes in it and lots of strange things that Mum says were machines for making coffin handles and other fitments. Apparently this was very interesting..... hmmmmm..... well..... I got some fusses and admiration, especially form the manhuman who did lots of yacketying, for guiding Mum around the difficult surroundings - including up and down some very narrow steep stairs and in a dark room with a huge clanky machine in it. I suppose there were a few interesting-ish smells but these old places all smell.... well... old!

Next stop was Daddy's toyshop - Maplins. (Mum calls it Geeks' paradise). Now THAT really is boring! Not a thing worth sniffing! Thankfully we didn't stay toooooo long! Then we were off to the strange shop with no shelves. 'Find Argos' seems to be the right command to follow. In there, Mum got a new toy to wear on her front leg, near her paw. She says it will help her to get a Bit Fit or something..... We also got my new bed!

So, after the sloshy-mushy trog back through town, I welcomed another bit of a playtime in the 'garden' before getting to try out my new bed. It is super cozy-comfy!

3 photos
Me waiting while Mum listens to all the yacketying by a big table covered in coffin fitments.

Getting fusses and admiration from the manhuman who did all the yacketying to everyone.

Me in my cozy new bed.

Friday, 2 March 2018

In My Best Interests...

Oh the shame!

'It's in your best interests' she says.

Since when has my street cred NOT been in my best interests?!!!

Still, I think it was worth enduring the numptycoat for the chance to play loonyzoomies in the white fluffy world - twice! Heehheee!!

Before we set off into town, Mum let me 'burn off my excitement' by having a crazy few minutes of zoomies in the sort of parky area by our moorings. Ooh! It was fun running and rolling and bucking and spinning! I don't know what it is about this white stuff but it does bring out the puppy in me!

After a good old loonytime, Mum asked me to 'head in' to my harness, then, when she had adjusted it to make it fit over my numptycoat, we set off workywalkies into town. First stop was the Vodabone shop to get Daddy's talkybone back. We were in there for ages! I dripped a pretty impressive puddle on the floor in all that time! Then we went to the EeekEeek shop, where Mum asked the workymanhuman for some help with her talkybone.

Next was a bit of a roundabout route around town to a place that was closed. Maybe we will go back there another day and I will find out what excitement lies behind those doors!

Then came the second fun bit: We walked back via a bridge that led to the towpath. Familiar territory - but oh so different all covered in white fluff! That's when Mum took off my harness and lead again and I got to enjoy some more loonyzoomies! This white stuff just HAS to be rolled in and snuffled through and it just is soooooo much fun! My fun made lots of human mouths go up at the corners! Even better reason to do more!! Heehee!

This evening, I took Daddy walkies again and it was even deeper in white stuff. Daddy complained that it was hard work! I had no such problem! It was great!

When we got back, Mummy stopped me at the door and launched a serious attack on my paws, legs and belly with a wet cloth! She says that is in my best interests too (something about the yuckyslush on the roads and pavements). I suspect it also has something to do with the fact that she has clearly been stroking the floor - I can smell it!

5 photos of me in my yellow hi-viz fleece-lined numpty coat all in snow. 
Sitting looking straight up at camera.

Sitting looking off to the side.

Loonyzooming to Mummy in the middle of a big white expanse.

My best view! Head down, bum up - rolling on the towpath.

Standing having a sniff in front of Mum - there is always a tiny hope of a dropped yummy......

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Doesn't look like my Daddy...

My jaws are well exercised today!

It has mainly been a bone day! MmmMMMmmmm Nom Nom Nom!

I took Daddy walkies into town. Apparently he wants his talkybone back (it has been at the talkybone vets) but, after sitting and waiting in the talkybone shop, they didn't have it so we will have to go back again maybe tomorrow.

Much more important though, I took him to the yummiest stall in the market and he got me a huge bone! Thanks Daddy!

It was so mega huffyfuffy cold that I had to wear my padded numptycoat and Daddy bought a long flat rectangle thing that he wrapped around his head and face. He didn't look like my daddy! But it was OK. He walked like my daddy and we made it home OK.

The rest of the day has been spent doing some serious jaw-workout exercise in the cozy warmth of floatyboatyhome.