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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Three Bus Rides and a Train Ride!

Home again - all cozy and dozy!

That London malarkey is exhausting!

Three bus rides and a train ride all had my head getting heavy. Now, back home aboard floatyboatyhome, with the hotbox glowing and Mum sharing my bed on the sofa, I really don't seem to be able to keep my eyelids open either.....zzzzzz.....

2 photos;
Dozing on the bus.

Curled up all cozy on my bed on the sofa.

Aunty Debbi is now a Master!

Second attempt to tell you all about the strange day yesterday. I tippetytapped it all but it all went on a huff and wouldn't puplish.

The day started with a nice challenge of a workywalkies - all on completely new territory. I even had to take Mum on an 'offkerb' because a tree was blocking the pavement!

We arrived at a hugantic building and went inside. There we found Ryan and Debbi. Everyone was covered in posh fursubstitutes, including Mummy and Daddy (a rare covering!). Like lots and lots of people there, Debbi not only had posh togs on but also a big floatyflappy black fursubstitute with blue and grey bits on it, and an upside-down dogbowl on her head!

All the people wearing these peculiar things went up onto a highfloor, jiggled paws with some other manhumans who were up there, also wearing strange things. While all this was going on, the people on all the seats did endless lots of front-paw-banging-together. Then we spent ages in another part of the huuuuuge place where the humans all had long skinny bowls on sticks, with bubbly water inside. There was a few tiny morsels for me to hoover on the floor, and loads and loads of fusses and admirations to enjoy!

After all this and loads of one-eyed-clickybox posing, we set off on another workywalkies ending in a lie down under a table in a human yummyery. Then another workywalkies to find Ryan's car. I got to ride in the front, between Mum's back paws and we went to Debbi Ryan's house - and that wonderful huge garden! Yippee! That was a very welcome game of ducking and diving and rough and tumble with Ryan was fabtabulous! After a snooze on the carpet while loads of yacketying went on, and a close encounter with a hissing furball, we got back into Ryan's car and he delivered us back to our humankennelblock. This gave me the opportunity to polish off my lovely bone. I just about managed it before my head became too heavy to hold up any longer!

4 photos:
Me posing with Debbi and Ryan in their posh togs. Debbi is also wearing that strange black floaty thing and the upside down dogbowl on her head.

Debbi on the highfloor jiggling paws with another strangely clad manhuman. There is a huge Debbi on the wall behind them too!

Debbi posing in her upside-down-dogbowl and floatygown. Behind her is a wall with squiggles on it. Mum says those squiggles say 'University of West London'.

Me in the front of Ryan's car, snuggled between Mum's back legs.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Eat Your Heart Out, Ralph McTell!

Have you seen the Guide Dog
Who walks the streets of London
Guiding his Mum
with his harness on?

He’s no time for plodding
He just keeps right on striding
Weaving his Mum

through all the crowds

So how can you tell me I’m naughty
And say for me that I’m wearing out?
Let Mum take me by the handle
lead her through the streets of London
Show her how I still work my paws off!

Yep! London again. Workywalkies, train, workywalkies, bug red bus, workywalkies, big red bus, workywalkies, big red bus, workywalkies........and now.....bone munching relaxation in a humankennelblock!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Cleaning Job!

Yummy manhuman!

After a fairly mundane workywalkies with Mummy (it seems The Range in the new Dullelm! and this time, she managed to resist my attempts to get her to the good aisle!), I got to take Daddy on a leisure walkies to a red and white striped shop. It was a GOOD trip! Not only did I get bones, but I also got to make a new humanfriend who had seriously yummy front paws! He said something about needing to go and give them a good wash before going back behind the counter. I don't know why - I thought I did a superb job of cleaning them for him!

Photo shows me inside a butcher shop, enjoying a wonderful fuss time with the butch man who is bending down with his hands by my face. He is wearing a white fursubstitute and a stripey long bib, and a white hat.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Sooooooo Good!

YaaayyHayyyy! I had a playdate!

It all started with workywalkies to the bus stop, then around town. First came 'Find Specsavers'. Done! No problem! That seemed to be a quick visit just for Mum to collect a little white rectangle called a 'priscispshun' or something. Anyway, I managed to attract some nice fusses so that was all good!

Next came a bit more workywalkies around to a different bit of town and 'Find the optician'. That was the little shop with the step outside and nice fuss-giving humans inside - oh - and lots and lots of racks of eye-windows! This visit got me a lie down on the carpet while Mum yacketyyacked with a nice ladyhuman who, it seems, is getting Mum sorted with some new eye-windows. This made Mum's mouth go up at the corners! The ladyhuman mentioned some numbers that made Daddy's mouth go down a bit in the corners though! This seemed to have something to do with a little rectangle thing that got fed into a bleepybox. I just enjoyed some more fusses and admirations!

Next, came a longish workywalkies to yet another part of town; a rather appealling part of town; the big huge ginormous Winfield Park! Yippeeeeee! I thought.......but......HOWWWWWLLLLL! We went straight past it! On the wrong side of the road - despite my bestest efforts to steer Mum to the crossing! Instead, we went to a pub! I had to just lie down on the hard floor while Mum and Dad 'enjoyed' some bubbly clear stuff.

They did come to their senses though and finally allowed me guide them both to the right place! Over the crossing and through the yellow gate! There, I found my buddy colleague Guide Dog Slipper! Yippeeee! Very soon, our Mum's removed our harnesses and leads and gave us that fantabulous command 'Go Play'! We had a fabtastic time running big zoomies together - all around the whole expanse of that wonderful huge park! We found a couple of diddy Labrador puppies to have a brief play with too!

A whole hour of such fun was a bit tiring but OOOOOOOHHHHHH it was sooooooo good! I may have been a tad ploddy back on workywalkies duty after that! The work wasn't finished yet! I had to guide Mum back into town, then into a pawcovers shop. That gave me a chance for a lie down while Mum put various pawcovers on her back paws, Then there was one more lie down in a human yummyery while Mum and Dad had hot brown drinks.

I would have had a lie down on the bus back home too, but it was mega crowded so I just had to sit up and rest my chin on Mum's knee.

Now, back home aboard cosy warm floatyboatyhome, I seem to be having a bit of trouble keeping my eyes open.......zzzzzzzz,,,,,

4 photos:
Me and Slipper enjoying a leisurely mutual sniff about in the big park.

A brief playtime with two tiny Lab pups.

Zoomies together - me and Slipper.

A bit of a rest - for a moment - Slipper lying down, me standing waiting for the next burst of energetic zoomies.

Sunday, 12 November 2017


Workywalkies. Carpet snoozes at church. Delectable bellyrubs from the lovely minihumans Livvy and Noah plus friends. A freerun on the way home. Visitors - Chris and Adrian who have comfy backpaws to curl up on. Snoozy Sunday afternoon. Leisure walkies with Daddy this evening and return to find all my paw art removed from the floor!
A good Sunday. Happy Oakley.

Here comes the big announcement..........


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Front cover of my 2018 Calendar!

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Yacketying and more bloomin yacketying!

Oooh! It is good be home. Nothing beats a cozy sofa snuggle after a mega day!

It all started with Daddy leaving us. I then had to workywalkies Mum to the other side of town. She wasn't too sure of the route and was a bit hesitant. I sorted her out though and we arrived without going astray and we found Daddy there!

We had been to this place once before, but this time, it was full of loads of my humanpals that I haven't seen for ages. My tail nearly fell off with all that wagging! They were all floatyboatyfriends! Mum says it was the Boaters' Christian Fellowship Ayjyem. To me, it seemed like a fest of yacketying and yummies! A whole huge table loaded with all sorts of yummies! Oooh! it was torture! A couple of people were nice to me by dropping things that had to be hoovered! I like those friends super especially much!

There was loads and loads of carpet snoozing to be done while they all did endless amounts of yacketying. Mummy was one of the ones who got up on the highfloor and did yacketying into a lollipop. I went with her to make sure she was OK. I wandered off to the back of the highfloor -just to get out of the way of course! It just happens that I found a bag there.....with a very enticing smell coming from within......Mum was mean though, she heard the bag rustle and stopped my explorations! Huff!

There was also a session of humanhowling. This included Daddy howling into a lollipop and wagging his front paw up and down on his multi-whiskered noisebox.

I just laid down and waited for it to end. Well....I was so weak with hunger.....it was at least 10 minutes past my dinnertime by then! I did eventually get my picnic dinner there. Somebody got totally the right idea - that this was just a light snack to see me through until I got home and had my dinner! Mum told him this WAS my dinner! I'm sure he was right and Mum was wrong and mean!

On the workywalkies back home again, we stopped by two manhumans who were sitting on the floor in town. They were all wrapped up and had yummies in bags. They needed some Oakley-love. I was happy to oblige and Mum yacketied with them while I enjoyed some good ear rubs! Mum gave them some shinydisks and we were off again to finish our journey home. It was super dark so I really had to strut my stuff guiding Mum. We made it safely back though and the sofa very soon grabbed me and made me all sleepy on Mum's lap.

3 photos

Me lying in front of the highfloor with Daddy and Peter behind me, both humanhowling and wagging their front paws on whiskered noise boxes (Mum says they are called guitars - Peter's is a six-string and Daddy's is a 12-string).
Me mid big yawn.

Sofa-snuggles - me curled up on the sofa with my head on Mum's lap.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Hot Cupboard.

Peculiar goings on.....

Dad has been stroking his 12-whiskered noise box, plus humanhowling, (sometimes with his mouth shut - how weird is that?!!), then he tippety taps on his clicketyfingerstoy, then more stroking and howling......He says he is writing cords.....I just don't get it.....I kept out of the way!

I actually had to keep a close eye on Mummy today. She needed me! She has had one of her really bad bad-eyes-days and so has been doing lots of stroking and patting everything with her front paws. I think this is how she finds things. I don't know why she doesn't just use her nose like I do! She has been doing all sorts of what she calls practical jobs. She spent a while down on her knees with her front paws inside the black cupboard that gets fed when it gets hot. She was using some frothy stuff and a funny shiny squiggly scrunched up scrubby thing to groom it ever so harshly. Then she used cloths to stroke it over and over and over again. These strokings started off by making the cloth all black, but it gradually faded with each stroke and slosh sequence.

When she had finished that, she then got a big bowl and put various different dusts in it; some white, some brown. Then she added water and butter and twizzled it all with a shiny stick thing. Then it all made a big blob of gooey stuff that she biffed and squished and bashed and rolled. This then got put back into the big bowl and abandoned for a while. When she got it out again it was huge! It then got another bashing, biffing, scrunching and rolling session, then got cut apart and rolled again. It then got left to grow again into three blobs, before being fed to the hot cupboard.

It smelled delectable when it came out of the hot cupboard. I offered to test it for Mum, but she said it is for tomorrow. Huff!

Most of the afternoon has been spent lying at Mum's back paws while she has been doing that strange crowshaving thing with the little shiny hook stick and the mega long multicoloured tail. She has also had a tail plugged into her ear with a humanvoice yacketying at her through it.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Passed Out...

Three and a half miles workywalkies on an extended route to Tesco. Not complaining! Most of it was on nice(ish) path away from the road, some was along very busy roads (on the pavement of course!) and one very nice bit was free-run! Yayy!

I am pretty sure that the busy roady bit was wrong. Mum kept saying 'Hang on....where are we?.....let me get some bearings....' I tried to tell her. I tried to direct her. She had said 'We need to go to Tesco'. I knew the way, even from the longer route variation. She didn't get the message though! Eventually, she did say 'I think you were right Oaks. I'm sorry!' Never mind. It was a nice workywalkies anyway.
When we got back home there was another floatyboatyhome in front of ours. I wasn't sure if I recognized it or not. It seemed familiar but it has changed colour. I most certainly recognised the occupants though! Well...the humans and one of the doggypals. It was my bestie humanpals Pete and Chrissie with Tizzy my doggybuddy. There was a new doggybuddy too: His name is Max and he is awesome fun! He is a Beagle x Foxhound and he is only 16 months old. He isn't allowed off lead yet but he was on a super long lead so we were able to have a good zoomies session. Tizzy joined in too, but she is a bit senior and sensible! I did go searching for my old buddy, Shadow, in his floatyboatyhome but he wasn't there. Apparently he has gone for his forever freerun. Max has joined the family to make mouths go up at the corners again.

I was a tad tired after that workywalkies and then loony session so was happy to zonk on my bed while Mum and Dad did all their clicketyfingers stuff. Mum said I was snoring at both ends. She said I am unlikely to get another trotter to munch. I have no idea what she means but it was a bit niffy - I think I passed out at one point!

2 photos

Me with a very blurred tail, meeting and greeting Tizzy and Max, plus Chrissie and Pete.

Me passed out on my sofa bed.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

A Day of Pampering.

Oooh! I like today!

A day of 5. I think I like 5

Mum says that today is our qualiversary. I have absolutely no idea what it means but she tells me it is the 5 year anniversary of our qualifying as a Guide Dog Partnership.

We celebrated by doing over 5 miles workywalkies into town, around some shops (including another eyewindows place for Mum), and back via Pets at Home - Yayyhayyy! I found some good hoovering duty in there and Mum got me some treats.

When we got back home, I got 5 treats - all of them yummylicious!
I got a super yummy dinner - not my normal nuggets but a big plate of something called Ocean Fish with Rice and Veg. It was super scrummy. That was treat 1. Treat 2 was that my dinner was dotted with all sorts of biccies. Treat 3 was a rice bone. Treat 4 was something called a Trotter - that was super scrummy and mega crunchy! Treat 5 was a hugenormous carrot!

All these yummies were enjoyed in utter luxury: on my new bed! Well, it seems that Mum thinks it is the new sofa (cushions) delivered today. I suppose I might manage to spare her a corner!

Mum says that I deserve a day of pampering after 5 years of life-changing hard work, looking after her. I have just been doing my job, but I can happily accept and enjoy this kind of pampering! Yummy. Thanks Mummy.
2 photos: 
Me on my bed (a bath mat on the new blue cushions of the sofa) enjoying my huge carrot.

Me the other way around on my bed (Well - my front paws are on it anyway - the rest of me is lying along the sofa) with my super yummy dinner on a big oval white plate in front of me, trotter and rice bone beside the plate.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Oh Buggle It!

Soggy Doggy - twice!

The sky has been leaking non-stop. That meant two lots of lovely towel rub! Heeheee! Much better than Mum's choice - she removed all of her soggy fursubstitutes and put on different ones. A good game of towel rub is far superior!

'Let's go out' turned out to be a short workywalkies to the bus stop again, followed by a long wait. Eventually, the bus arrived and took us into town. Daddy abandoned us and went off to do his own thing while Mum and I went into a yummyery where we found my colleague Slipper. Oh...she did have her humanmum, Lyn with her too! Of course, this meant a lie down under the table while the inevitable yacketying went on, along with drinking of hot brown stinky waterstuff. It was OK though. Lying under a table is always much nicer with a buddy! Mum was very pleased with me for not doing any kanoodling or elephant-seal impressions. I think I need to try harder in future. I think I let myself down!

The rest of the day has been largely cozy-snoozing aboard floatyboatyhome. Daddy is still working on my calendar. At one point, he used some funny tail-thing to connect his clicketyfingerstoy to the talkylightscreen on the wall. Then a whole succession of different pictures of me appeared! Apparently this was the choosing process. Now Dad is click click clicking and, a couple of times, has said something like 'Oh buggle it' and 'it crashed'! I didn't hear any loud bang or crunches so I have no idea what crashed into what but I don't think Daddy was too happy. He assures me though, that the calendar is now 'coming together'. These humans do yip weird things sometimes!

Monday, 6 November 2017

I met my Daddy Again!!!

A bit of Father-Son bonding time today!

Yessssss! I got another playdate with my doggydaddy Dixon - in that ginormous park! Woohoooo! It was fantabulous!

It all started with a long lazy morning - mainly waiting for Mum and Dad to complete their clicketyfingersing stuff. A big boat with no lid came alongside and the manhuman used a growly squirtyhose thing to give our floatyboatyhome a big drink into its bum end! He also gave us some big bags of those black lumps that get fed to the hotbox, and a big red clangy round thing that went into a big hole in the front. This was swapped with the one that came out of that same hole. The bags of black lumps made Daddy huff and puff and walk funny when he was carrying them.

Once this peculiar episode was over and the topless floatyboat had gone, we set off out. It was only a short walk to the bus stop so I was a bit miffed when we stopped and waited there. I sang a very sad song to Mummy but still we stayed there. Eventually, the bus arrived and on we hopped. It was a shortish ride, then a very exciting workywalkies. I knew where we were and the route was leading to one of two possible good destinations: the first one was the freerun track we went along yesterday. When we got to the gap in the fence at the top of that path, Mum said 'Not today. Straight on'. For a few paces I registered my protest by plodding, but then cancelled that protest in favour of an urgent gallop towards the second possible destination. I was right and just couldn't get there quick enough! Humans are blimmin slow! Mum wanted positive guiding. I delivered VERY positive guiding! What thanks did I get? "STEADY!!" "Oi! That's enough pulling!!". Hufffff! I can't do right for doing wrong! Waddoyamean... wrong reasons? Going to the park is the perfect reason for getting a move on!

"Find the crossing right" was perfect confirmation of the destination. That crossing takes us to the yellow gate into the park. I just about managed to pause long enough to "Get the button" and then wait for the bleepycrossing signal. But that was the end of my patience. Mum said I was more like a bucking rabbit across the road! Oops! Ahem! Well...we made it safely anyway......

Just inside that gate I managed to contain myself just long enough for Mum to remove my bra and noseband/lead and then I was off! There were trees to check out and grass to romp around on and...and...and....Oh....boo....no doggypals like last time! Mumph! But then.....a thunderous set of paws came bounding around the corner! It was my doggydaddy Dixon!! Yippeeeeeee!!!! We wasted not a moment in getting acquainted again, then it was zoomies and loonies for a fab long route all around the whole park!

On our way back we were briefly joined by a big golden Labrador called Shanty. We all three enjoyed a few moments of chase and roll, but then it was back to just DaddyDixon and me again.

I got to share his carboot space with him for a short ride to a human yummyery, where we both got to kanoodle under the table and share dropped morsels and a nice big tub of water.

All too soon it was over and I had to switch back into workywalkies mode to get Mummy and Daddy back home, via a couple of shops. I really hope we can do it all again sometime soon. DaddyDixon and I have a lifetime of notes to compare and it seems we are very alike!

4 photos:
Me and DaddyDixon doing a quick 'Sit' pose - both looking to the left of the picture where Mummy was holding a yummy.

Meeting Shanty. Dixon and I got either side of him to check him out.

A quick game of chase with Shanty.

Another quick 'sit' pose.....well DaddyDixon posed and faced the camera but the contents of Dixon's humandaddy's (Malcolm) pocket was much more interesting. I'm sure the back of my head is just as handsome though!

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Too Many Good Photos of Me!

Heehee! I like these trips to this church in Rugby. It is a good workywalkies to get there and the return journey includes a freerun! Today it was a longer freerun than last week too! Yippee! When we went down the slope to the long pathway where Dad says there used to be train tracks, instead of turning right to go straight back to floatyboatyhome, we turned left and went quite a nice long way before turning back to zig zag sniff all the way back. Mum says her talkybone thingy told her we had gone 5.75 miles in total. Well....they only did 5.75 miles. I probably did at least double that! Well....what's the point of just walking down the middle when there are so many weemails and other exciting things to check out among the bushes either side?

Work on my calendar continues. Mum and Dad seem to be having trouble choosing just 12 good photos of me. There are too many to choose from! Well...There would be wouldn't there? !!

Saturday, 4 November 2017


Just a lazy day today. Mum calls it recovery. Just a brief trip to Tesco and a gentle and very pleasant walkies with short sections of workywalkies and longer sections of freewalkies and sniffies and weemailies......

I have my minions (aka Mum and Dad) working on my calendar though. Not an entirely idle day! previews coming soon, along with ordering details. I shall hang on your wall to supervise you all year round!

Friday, 3 November 2017

All Blacks who are not All Black!

Home again! It has been a heck of a day though!

It started with the torture of being under the table while Mum and Dad failed to drop any of their bacon. Then, we set off, complete with wheeliecase, to the bus stop. One very bumpy bus ride later, we then workywalkiesded a little way to a huge building. Mum says it was called Richmond College. The workywalkies then continued for miles around the corridors and into a huge hall. There I found a fellow Guide Dog buddy called Skye (black fluffy Labrador x Retriever) and a Golden Labrador x Retriever called Toby. Toby is a Canine Partner. His Dad is a wheelieseat user and Toby helps him.

There were many humans there too. Lots of them were wearing black eyeflap thingies and were playing with a big blue ball with a jinglybell in it. They were throwing that ball along the length of the room. I'm sure I could have caught it much better than some of them did, but Mum wouldn't let me! Huff! It was great to sneak in some kanoodles with Skye and Toby though. We had to do some posing for one-eyed-clickyboxes too. Apparently some of the humans were famous. They were manhumans called the New Zealand All Blacks. Well..black is the bestest colour!

We all then went on a huge bus to a human yummyery. It was a bit cramped under the table and the floor was like outside floor - cold and hard. I got a bit bored and fed up so I did my chin-on-Mum's-knee thing. It did eventually work; I got to take Dad outside for a doggy necessarium trip. Soon after that, we all piled back on the bus again and went to a huuuuuuuuuuugenorous field with gazillions of seats all around it. Mum says it was called Twiggenum Stadium or something. Toby, Skye and I got all excited thinking we might be in for a fabulous freerun together. We were disappointed! Harrumph! Instead we had to watch all those All Blacks that weren't all black throwing a funny pointy-ended ball about. We sooooo could have played that game with them.........

These All Blacks then came along in a line and used markysticks to squiggle on some of those pointy-ended balls. I got some nice ear rubs from some of them. Mum seemed really please about getting their squiggles on a ball. She says she is hoping it will raise some shinydisks for our Sponsor-a-Guide-Dog-Puppy-fund. More posing for one-eyed-clickybox stuff brought us to leaving time.

Most of the group we were with got back on the big bus again, but we went workywalkies again a little way around that huge place. Then along came a car with two humans in it that made my tail wap my sides! It was Debbi and Ryan! Yippeee! Ryan got out of the car and so I got to greet him, but Debbi was in the driving seat so I hopped up onto the seat next to her, that Ryan had kindly vacated, so I could greet her too! Heehee!

I then had to squish into the paw-well of the back seat with Mum and Dad and we went to another human yummyery. After enduring that, I finally got my picnic tea outside in the carpark. Then, we left Ryan and workywalkiesded with Debbi to a station. A very nice manhuman led the way down lots of steps to the train platform. The train we got was strange though. It had seats all along the edges and it stayed indoors! We were in a huge long tunnel! It was very noisy and rattly and bumpy. I didn't like it much. It was quite a long ride and it got very squishy as more and more people got on each time we stopped. Eventually, though we got off. It was mega hot! Another nice workyhuman met us and showed us the way to one of those magic boxes that changes the outside when its doors close and open again, then on through lots of long hot corridors to another train-in-a-tunnel. That one wasn't so long. Yet another really nice workyhumanman met us when we got off that one and showed us the way in and out of several of those magic boxes and through oodles of long corridors, until we finally reached the real world outside again. I was sooooo glad to find a tree!

Next came a good challenge of a workywalkies weaving Mum through the dark streets of that crazy London place to find the station. As it was dark, I had to really strut my stuff. Mum really can't see anything in the dark. I did my job super well and got yummy proof that she was pleased with me!

We had to wait around for quite some time at the station, before we got on the train to come home. I was glad to find carpet and space to lie down at Mum's paws for a good snooze. Mum and Dad were yacketying with a nice ladyhuman called Lucy all the way. I got some lovely fusses from her! After a little while, I thought it was time to warm up Dad's back paws, so I had a little stretch then moved over. Just a few moments later a manhuman came through and asked Dad if he would need assistance at the station when we arrived! It seems he thought I was Dad's Guide Dog! Ooops! It made mouths go up at the corners!

When we arrived at our station, here in Rugby, I did a perfect 'Find the way out' and there at the exit, was that manhuman! As soon as he saw me guiding Mum, he realised his daftness and said lots of that 'sorry' thing! Apparently it was all very funny and so more mouth corners were up! I like uppy mouth corners. They make my tail wag too!

Now, after another good workywalkies, guiding Mum in the dark again, we are safely back home aboard floatyboatyhome and the hotbox is glowing nicely. Just perfect for well earned sofa snuggle methinks!

5 photos:
Posing with the New Zealand All Blacks who played Goalball.

Bored under the table.

On the train with Lucy and Mum.

On the 'tube' train.

Meeting and greeting Toby the Canine Partner.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Sofa Snuggles.

Mum says this photo ought to have sound with it so you can hear my nose rumbling. How rude! My nose does not rumble! I know it doesn't - I have never heard it! Mum says it is recovery day after yesterday's excitement and energy exertion. I have no idea what she means by 'recovery'. There is no recovery needed. I could happily cope with a yesterday every day!

A sofa snuggles day is welcome though! No complaints.

Snuggles with Mummy!