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Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Oooh! Daddy's got a new toy! It's a fluzzybuzzer. It makes weird bzzzzzy noises and goes fluzzing up in the air! I'm not too sure about this......I've never been a fan of bzzzzing things and a bzzzzing thing that fluzzes is really worrying......

I did enjoy the looooong walkies taking him to get it though - even though the sky was all leaky and yuck. That got me a lovely towelrub when we got home again!

I also enjoyed a bit of a playtime with my buddy Isaac too when he came to call for me, although, I have to admit that I was maybe a tad on the tired side after escorting Daddy just over 5 miles!

Monday, 23 April 2018

Crunchy White Clouds.


A workywalkies that leads to meeting a colleague is always a bonus!

Today, I took Mum and Dad to the bustrain thingy and we rode into Bumingham. It was fun to be back on old grounds again, guiding Mum around town. First of all, we went to a big building with lots of desks in it. We went into a little room there where I got to sprawl out on the carpet under the table while Mum and Dad did a load of yacketying with a ladyhuman. Then we went to a little shop-type place right by where we used to be moored. Next was a wander into the busy main shoppystreets. We were on a mission but I managed to divert this mission when I spotted a fellow Guide Dog with her ladyhumanmum, sitting at a human yummyery outside table. Well....it would have been a crime to pass by without stopping to greet wouldn't it? I think I diverted Mum very deftly! Anne the golden labrador was a lovely surprise to meet up with. Of course the humans got into some yacketying, which gave us dogs a few minutes to kanoodle and play as much as we could get away with while both on harness!

Next stop was one of those big dark places with lots of seats, a noisy moving picture wall and little crunchy white clouds. Another bit of a snooze opportunity - in between hoovering duties!

The journey back on the bustrain thingy was nice - I got several fusses from the manhuman with strange toys hanging on leads around his neck. He kept walking off down the length of the bustrain to take shinydisks from people and give them little flappy rectangles in exchange. Then he kept coming back for a 'dog-fix'. I am happy to serve out dog-fixes to good ear-rubbers!

Photo shows me with Guide Dog Anne and her ladyhuman plus friend ladyhuman too.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Crisply Dried on Perfume!

Ooh! I do like such enthusiastic greetings! Especially when I get the fusses and ear-rubs before Mum or Dad are even acknowledged! Heehee! That was the greeting when we went workywalkies to churhc this morning. It was the church we have been to a few times here in Tipton. While Mummy and Daddy were occupied drinking their little bowls of hot brown water, I managed to sneak under a table for a quiet lie down on the carpet. It was a nice little hidey-hole!

After all the human howling and yacketying, we set off home again. I made sure we went the correct route - not the boring one via the roads - the proper one - via the park and towpath! Heehee! Welll..... it is Sunday! Sunday is supposed to be day off day isn't it?

There were a few doggypals to meet n greet in the park. One was a very enticing smelling girlie but I wasn't allowed to play with her. Her human dragged her away saying something about seasoning or something. Daddy hoicked me off in the opposite direction! Huff! There was another poochpal - a set of long legs with a tiny body on top. She ran so super fast! There was no way I could even dream of playing chase - so I didn't even bother to try!

When we got to the towpath bit of the route home, I found a delectably icky bit of black gooey muddy water. I just had to take a dip! When I waded back out again, Mummy and Daddy backed away from me! Huff! No success with the bigshake! I was just settling nicely into my crisply dried on perfume when we got home and Mum attacked me viciously with a cold squirtysnake! That was soooooo mean Mummy! I was not stinky! I was beautifully aromatic!

Photo shows me tucked away under the table at Tipton Christian Church.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Not for Oakleys!

'Oi! Buggalugs. Quit hoovering. Mind on your job please!'

Oh...but...MuUUuum...How can I quit hoovering and concentrate on anything else but the feast of white squidgy yumminess that is scattered everywhere on the towpath? It is all going to waste....the quacking featherballs and honking featherballs and hissing white featherballs are all ignoring it and there is just sooooooo much of it!

Waddyamean 'It's not for Oakleys'? It is on the ground and within my reach so therefore it is mine ... all mine!

Ooh! meanie meanie Mummy!

Friday, 20 April 2018


Two lessons today:
1 I can't walk on water
2 I know my left and right better than a wheeliewizzer manhuman did today

Daddy was fixed to his seat doing loads of clicketyfingersing so I took Mummy out for a walkies. She didn't bring my harness though. Just my lead and her twitstick.

She wanted to practice using that long white stick with a ball on the end (the one she won't let me play with), so that meant I got to FREERUN!! Yippeee!

We went out of the cage where our floatyboatyhome is in prison, then up and over the bridge and long the looooooong straight towpath. I did keep close to Mummy - especially as she kept jabbing herself in the belly when twitstick got caught on the rough ground. I did rather enjoy the freedom to sniff and run about though.

I spotted a bottle that needed to be rescued from the canal. It was stuck by the edge of a patch of green tufts beside the towpath edge. I strode out to rescue it and went down in a big splosh! It seems that green tufty stuff was NOT solid! Oops! I got Mum with a superb bigshake when I scrabbled back out onto the towpath! Heehee!

Shortly after that, a manhuman on a wheelywizzer yelled out from a way ahead of us 'Keep your stick over to the right darlin. I'm coming'. And he whizzed towards us. Mummy did as he said and moved a little to her right (towards the canal edge), but not too far - the towpath is really wide. He came juddering to a stop and did a really big wobble - right on the edge by the water. He then got all growly at Mummy. I shoved myself by her back legs - between her and him. I wasn't going to let him get my Mummy! I think he was barking some nasty things at Mummy, but then she politely pointed out that she had moved to the right as he had called out. He then kind of hid his face with his front paws and laughed. He burbled something about 'My right, your left'.... and 'I'm sorry darlin'.... Then Mummy's mouth turned up again at the ends, so my tail wagged again too and I got on with my sniffings around.

Humans are so daft and confusing sometimes!

This afternoon, I got doggypal visitors! Isaac the husky x collie and Marley the choccy lab x something huge (maybe mastiff) came to play! It was great fun! We all had a good romp around inside floatyboatyhome cage!

Photo shows me sitting on the hard ground with Isaac and Marley.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Something Big and Slobbery!

Yayy! Team Towpath back in action! Happy day!
17 locks, cruisy-snoozy-time and a chance to give my big bone a bit of attention while waiting at the locks. It was a bit heavy to carry all the way down the flight but it was worth it. A bit of mud adds nicely to the flavour.

We have finished up back at a favourite mooring - the one where my humanpals Lindsay and Tim are, along with pooch pals Marley and Isaac. I got to kanoodle with Marley this afternoon. Marley is a huge chocolate lab x something big and slobbery (maybe mastiff). He is a BIG boy but I think we will get on well - especially if we get to do what I think I heard Mummy suggesting - a freerun together with Isaac too, (Isaac is a husky x collie) sometime soon in that pooch paradise they call Worley Woods. I am liking the idea.....

Me with my bone on the brick surface of a lock top.

Lying on the cool grass with my bone between my front paws.

Me guiding Mummy (I still look after her even when I'm not on harness) along the grassy towpath between locks.

On our new mooring - I am showing humanpal Lindsay what to do with a big bone.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Back to reality today. That is most certainly not a complaint though. Well.... I certainly can't complain when a shortish workywalkies gets me a hugenormous gigantuous BONE!

Visitors Tim and Lindsay were nice to welcome too - but I simply had to get to grips with this gnawing task.
Now, If you will excuse me, I have some serious work to do.......