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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Just Desserts...


It seems I am welcome aboard our friends' floatyboats, but not quite so welcome as to help myself to yummies! Sorry Bess. Those yummies were just so begging me to check them out though...... apparently they are supposed to be good for dogs' teeth....... I was only testing the theory........Mum was a right meanie......she confiscated the rest of the pack and errrrr.... .escorted me from the premises! I couldn't complete the testing. Mum was even meanier when it came to my dinner.....I got less than usual. Harrumph!

Monday, 22 May 2017


WOW! I have 2000 likes! Mum says that is a big big number! Can I please have a yummy for each one - then I might get a better idea of just how big that number is.......please? Well.....it would help me to understand.......

It has been a largely lazy chilled out day today. I took Mum and Dad, plus all the rest of the floatyboatyhumans to a church this morning. I like that church; it has comfy carpet and good hoovering! Then, after the return workywalkies, I have played on and off all afternoon with Lilly and a whole load of passing pooch pals here on the towpath. In between plays and meet-n-greets, I have enjoyed snoozing on the grass in the warmth fro the fireball in the sky.

This evening, we went to a different church where I got to snooze under a chair on another comfy carpet. Mum and Dad went up on the raised floor and did some yacketying with a black lollipop.
I have now just returned from taking Daddy for a nice leisurely evening walkies and now, with Mummy-sofa-snuggles, my eyelids seem rather heavy........zzzzzz


Ooooh! I was glad of that freewalkies along the towpath and the swim in the river. Welllllll.....It just had to be done! There was a little inlet just begging me to go in......I did my bestest to dry myself off on the muddy towpath afterwards but Mum wasn't too impressed with my efforts. She threw my squeaky spacehopper back into the river so I had to go retrieve it again. Then, before I got chance to roll again to desoggy, we were off along the towpath again! I found some long grass. That seemed to appease her.

The day started off with a meeting and greeting with a ladyhuman called Morven. Her black lab had brought her walkies along the towpath. I knew there was something special about that doggypal. She is a withdrawn colleague! The ladyhuman is apparently a Guide Dogs workyperson who makes sure we dogs are looked after properly and kept in good health. She said I look good! Well, of course I do! Apparently she lives near here so we might see more of her. I hope so. I rather fancy a good playtime with a colleague - withdrawn or not - we are still of the same big family!

We then set off in the car to Newbury where we went into a room with lots of ladyhumans. There were yummies too but not much hoovering. They were all too clean at their eating! I did wander along the full length of the undertable but found very little. I did get some fusses and admiration though. Mum stood up and did some yacketying and then they all banged their front paws together. At that, I stood up and took a rather splendid bow! I do like to be admired!

Next came a long car ride and I didn't like that! The sky was all leaky and so there was a lot of loud sloshy noises from underneath me. I got a bit puffypanty. But I survived and we went into a big building where there were lots of seats. It was dark in there so I had to find the seat for Mummy. I also found Puppa! That made my tail wag!

We settled down and watched lots of humans on the big raised floor. In front of the raised floor was a bit of lowfloor. Down in there we spotted Debbi (my biggest humansister). She was tickling the black and white teeth on a noisebox. There were other humans doing banging and parping and twanging down there too. When they did that, the humans on the raised floor did some humanhowling. Mum says it was all called 'Legally Blonde'. Apparently it was very good. The bit I was most interested in was when doggypals appeared on the raised floor. There was a tiny one that was only carried on in human paws, but another one got to walk for himself. I would have so loved to go meet and greet them but it wasn't to be. Huff!

Afterwards, we all went walkies around town (Epsom apparently) and found a human yummyery. More lying under the table for me! And it all made my dinner late too! Hooooowwwwllllll! I had to wait until we got back to the car, then I had a picnic in the boot!

The long journey home was OK and dry for almost all the way. That was better. When we arrived, I got to take Mummy for a lovely stroll along the towpath. She enjoyed the after-journey unwind too. She didn't join me in the swimming bit though. She said it was too cold. What a wuss!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Cruising Again!

6 miles, 5 locks and 2 swingbridges. We workywalkiesded most of that but did cruise a bit of it. Well....it was Daddy's Barkday today so we kept him company for a while!

We are now in Thatcham with loads of floatyboatyfriends and, most importantly, two of my fellow floatyboatydoggypals; Bess the senior lab x collie and Lilly the little yellow lab. Happy reunions!

This evening, after all that cruising, walking and locking, there was more workywalkies to do. i guided Mum, along with aaaallll of the humans to the town to a human yummyery. Of course that meant I then spend the evening under the table - in the tiniest hope of a dropped morsel - it turned out to be a completely vain hope; not a crumb! Not an atom! Lots of fusses and admiration though! That is always welcome.

The return workywalkies was in the dark so I had to step up for Mummy. i did have to stop for a doggy download so Mum and I, along with Mary got left behind by all the other humans. No problem though. Mum just asked me to 'Find the way'. I lifted my head, strided out and we caught them all up at the bleepy barriers where the clicketyclack lines go across the road. Just after I downloaded, and of course, Mum had parcelled up my precious offering, I led Mum to a bin. As it was dark, she hadn't spotted it. She was super pleased with me and told me what a super good clever boy I am. I made sure I got my edible proof - jsut to be sure I know for definite that I really am clever!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some bonework to catch up on. I haven't had much chance to do any all day!

Photo of me taken from above, lying on the back deck of the boat as we cruise along. I am lying with my front paws out in front of me, watching the water drift by.

Friday, 19 May 2017

I Got a Bone!!!!

Yummy end to a good workywalkies.

I took Mum and Dad into town, via the slightly longer route. We went into a few shops where Mum asked the workypeople to stick a flappy rectangle with squiggles on it into the windows. Some said yes - that made Mum and Dad's mouths go up at the corners! (Apparently these flappy rectangles are telling all the humans in town what is going to be happening soon). Then we went to the super-yummy red and white striped shop. I got a bone! Yippeeeeee! Well.... three bones actually! A red and white striped manhuman used a shiny to-and-fro thing to make one bone into three! I like three better than one!

Then we went to a big important building that Mum says is called the Town Hall. In there, we met some ladyhumans and I got some lovely ear-rubs while Mum and Dad did some yacketying.

Next stop was the car and a little ride so Daddy could use his one-eyed-clickybox. For me, that was just a brief snooze opportunity.

Before all of  this, another workywalkies to Sainsbury's got my mouth dripping but Mum and Dad failed to recognise my plight under the table: They didn't drop a single crumb! How mean was that?!! I then did my duty all the way around the whole shop before I got a chunk of carrot at end of the checkout bit. That was worth having! Yummmmm.

Much more worth having than even a chunky carrot is this scrummylicious bone! I am one happy boy!

Photo - close up of the top of my head - nose down at my huge bone - the knobblyknuckle end of a cow's thigh apparently.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Baggage and EmanEss...

Baggage! That's what I am, apparently!

I took Mummy on another adventure to Reading. A very soggy workywalkies to the train station, a ride in the normal civilised manner between seats to Reading, more soggy workywalkies around all the shoppyplaces ending in a wonderful kanoodling session!

We went into some shop called EmanEss where a nice manhuman took us up in the magic box (the one that changes outside when the doors shut and open again), then into a big room where we met two of my colleagues. Three black beauties together for the afternoon! We have never met before but we are family! We are Guide Dogs and we know it! There was Casper the hugenormous GSDxGoldie and Olivia the girlie black lab. We had a fantabulous time of kanoodling and mutual ear chewing. Oh....and we did some good work too - making ourselves available for admiration from the EmandEss workyhumans who came to visit!

Then came time to guide Mum back again. We wandered a bit more aroudn the shoppyplaces first and Mum got a new pair of pawcovers, before we headed off to the station.

When we got ont he train, it was really crammed with humans. The only space for me was under a sort of benchthing. So that was where I had to ride! Mum says it was the baggage rack! At least it kept me from getting trampled on. Actually, it was quite nice under there - I had room to stretch out on the carpet! Perhaps being baggage is kind of OK!

Photo of me lying down under the baggage rack on the train.

Photos of today's meet n greet at EmanEss Reading.  

Me bowled over by Olivia. (Me lying on my back displaying my best bits to Olivia black labrador).

Kasper the huge black GSD x Goldie, Me and Olivia - all three with heads together discussing our strategies.

Kasper lying to the left all calm and serene while Olivia and I get on with the serious business of kanoodling as best we could when we were supposed to be on our best behaviour representing The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (UK).

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Double Grooming!

Haha Hehe..... sorted out Mum's daftness. She gave me a super duper grooming session. That was really nice - a good all over fuss is never to be declined and the minty mouth froth whiskerstick scrub is a yummy finale. However, she finished by saying "What a smart boy!" Well! THAT had to be sorted out!

A few moments later I spotted my opportunity: I grabbed the chance to escape. "Houdini" was what Mum called me for that. I think the name she called me when I returned was something along the lines of "little giftbag". That grass and mud and stream were just perfect for sorting out the mess she had made of me!

It all resulted in yet another fuss/grooming session! Result!