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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Reverse Dalmation!

White snufflefluff! Much nicer than the normal wet leakysky stuff. I took Mummy workywalkies along the towpath and she said I turned into a reverse Dalmatian!

Shame there wasn't enough of it to get to play in it and it has all stopped now, but it did tickle my nose and made it explode a few times! I would have loved to get the chance to have a good snuffle through the white fluff that was beginning to cover the ground, but I had to do my job and keep Mummy safe from all the sloshy puddles and overhanging treebits and, of course, away from the edge of the canal!

It seems I did good. Good enough for a big carrot when I got us both home again!

I got some good fusses from a visitor manhuman too. Mum says he was a Floatyboat Safety Inspector. Apparently he has declared us all safe and good!

Photo shows me with lots of white dots of snow all over me.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Not a Happy Doggy!

Harrumph! Huff! and double Humph!
I thought Mummy loved me. I thought she had something nice for me. I got all excited when she opened that little parcel. She said it was for me.

Can I eat it?
Can I play with it?
Can I chase it?
Can I chew it?

NOOOOOOOO!!! I have to wear it!
It is a new blimmin noseband! Hooooowwwwwlllllll!!!!

Mum says she is hoping it is going to give her better control of my head to stop me hoovering as I guide her!

I am NOT a happy doggy!

2 photos showing me wearing a new purple headcollar. One looking straight forward, the other looking sideways.

Thursday, 18 January 2018


Ow. ow ow ow ow ow...... the sky threw ouchy little tiny balls at me! I took Mummy on a nice long leisurely workywalkies along the canal towpath. I was doing a good job of keeping her out of puddles and going around the twigs and other obstacles on the route. We were enjoying a pleasant walkies but then the sky started leaking. That wasn't too bad until it turned nasty on us! The air was big bad huffyfuffing and it was hurling tiny little white balls at us. Brrrrrr.....

We made it back home again though and a nice big juicy carrot helped me to warm up! Much nicer that's that hot brown stuff that Mum seems to think is the best thing to warm up with!

We've had visitors today; Richard the Waterways Chaplain humanfriend (nice ear-rubs manhuman!) and then, later, Lindsay came too. She sat on my bed with me so I got to give big kisses! Anyone who sits on my bed has to get kisses!

Photo shows me lying on my bed with my head resting on Mum's leg, looking very snoozy.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Oakley's Interior Design Service!

Breathing a tad fresher air today! Phew! No botty-tickling-squeaky-pheeper to interfere! Well.....less evidence anyway! Ahem!

Mummy is still a bit wobbly so Dad and I have left her to rest today while we have gone off on a couple of leisure walkieses. So, basically, a day off for me! No complaints! A leisurely wander along the towpath for Daddy to play with his one-eyed-clickybox is fine for a change. Then plenty of time to gnaw on my now many bits of bones (the really yummy bits are all gone - just the mega hard crunchy bits left now), and plenty of sofasnuggles with Mummy.

I just took Daddy out for our evening wander and the sky leaked all over us. When we got back, Mum had done her usual stroking the floor thing. A good bigshake soon sorted out that silly mistake for her! White hot-panel, sofa-front, cupboard doors - all nicely freckled now, and the floor is much better with pawprints design!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Smartypants Strikes Again!

Phooowaaarrr! It's a bit niffy around here! And there is something squeaky that keeps tickling my botty too! I haven't found the little beastie yet; It pongs too much. I simply have to move to the other end of floatyboatyhome. But then the little stinky oik follows me and repeats the procedure! This has been going on all day. I've had no peace!

Mum says it needs to be bottled and sold to the police as a riot dispersing gas. She says it is something to do with bone-bum and scavenging. She does burble some weird ideas sometimes!

I'm very glad Mum is feeling better enough today that we were able to escape the air pollution for a while to go shopping. I did have to strut my stuff as, although she is feeling lots better, her eyes are doing her a dafty today. I did manage to impress her: The first part of the route we took was where I have been with Dad before, but then we went onto new territory. Apparently Dad's talkybone was telling us where to go. Mum and I were walking ahead of him and he was giving us instructions from behind like 'cross over then go next right'. That was fine. It was working well. As we crossed over the road, Mum just told me 'Let's go find Lidl's'. I looked up at her to acknowledge receipt of the instruction then guided her around a puddle and on up the road. Then, as we approached the corner, I recognized that we were approaching Lidl's. I may have gained a slightly triumphant extra bit of speed and Mum had to remind me to 'Steady'. When she realised what I was heading for though, she called me smartypants and gave me a big fuss! I just took her to the kerb, across the road in into the shop!

Inside, I did my usual job of making sure she didn't bump into things as we went around the aisles. I found her the carrots too - well, of course I did! The most important item to get! When we came to the big see-through cupboard things with lots of white bottles in it, I thought I had the most perfect reward for my hard work. There was a huge puddle of that yummy white stuff all over the floor! I started to do my duty by lapping it up, but Mum was a meanie! She said that I couldn't have all four pints of it! Harrrumph!

I did get a nice big juicy carrot on arrival back home. I think I can forgive her!

Monday, 15 January 2018

Wobbly Mummy...

A day with a poorly Mummy means a quiet snoozy day for me - but with the bonus of a lovely big bone to chomp! I don't like having a poorly Mummy but I DO rather love the bone bit!

Mummy seems to be on the mend now but she seems to go all wobbly when she stands up and it is not because floatyboatyhome is wobbling! Hopefully all will be well again tomorrow, but for now, I shall enjoy continuing to work on my bone - well actually now it is 6 bones! Heehee! Yummmmmm.....

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Disused Canals & Disused Railways...

I've had a Freerun, I've had a Freerun!!!

Not just any old Freerun. I met a friend. Actually, I met several friends. So many ear rubs. We have been back to Bridge Church. And Dory was there with her manhuman Craig. Well, I just had to get Mummy to take us for a Freerun afterwards.

Then it was back in the boring old car to go back to our Floatyboatyhome. And there was Lindsay waiting for me! She had got the hotbox glowing, so our Floatyboatyhome was nice and warm. I may of, ahem... got a tad carried away.

Something strange happened next. Mummy lay on MY bed! Daddy had to get everything out of the car and unpack. He didn't feed me until he had finished. It was over half-an-hour late! Did I get any extra to alleviate my starvation? No I did not! Huff! Daddy made himself something to eat, but not Mummy. She was catching zzzzzzz on MY BED!

Daddy took me out for a nice walkies, though. Although I am a little bit worried. He was muttering something about disused canals and disused railways. I have a feeling my next walkies could be rather boring. Or worse, Daddy might go without me!

By the way, did I say I've had a Freerun today?

Picture of me and Mummy, and Dory with Craig and my friend Phoebe trying to look like a banana.