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Sunday, 18 February 2018

That'll do Nicely!

Sunday - a day of rest.
Yep! That about sums it up!
A bit of a workywalkies to church after Debbi and Ryan left us :(
A long snooze on the carpet through all the humanhowling and yacketying.
Workywalkies back.
Snooze through human lunch.
A leisurely wander into town with Daddy (Mummy stayed behind to do some of her tidying and sorting and stroking-the-floor things)
Now - cozy sofasnuggles with Mummy.
That'll do nicely!

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Too-ed and Fro-ed

Wow! 6 miles of workywalkies 24 locks and visitors all the way! And I've got bedroom invaders tonight! Yippee!

A car arrived beside floatyboatyhome and my tail went into waggy overdrive! It was Debbi and Ryan! They came to visit! Yayyyhayyy!

Then, after a while, another car arrived and a different Ryan got out of it! A Ryan that I haven't seen for aaaaaaaggeessss!

It was great! Even though I had to workywalkies all the way, Mum and I only had half the waiting at locks that we normally have to do. I took Mummy on to the next lock each time while the others all stayed to do the windy-downy bit and the pushy-pully bit to get Daddy and floatyboat out of the last lock.

The first one took forever though - we did our bit OK but Dad got the boat stuck. He too-ed and fro-ed loads of times but then he got a long sticky-hook off the roof and second Ryan helped him to pull a shopping cage on wheels out of the water. Finally, we managed to move on!

It has been a long time since I had to share my bedroom! I hope Debbi doesn't have nose rumbles!

PS - Mummy is OK but still has a nasty ouchie on her front paw and makes some funny faces sometimes when she moves.

Friday, 16 February 2018

How Great is That?

Oh Dear! Mummy went splat!

It all started off with a lovely lazy morning (well, I suppose I was lazy - snoozing while Mummy and Daddy were allegedly busy playing tippetytappety on their compooters and yacketying on their talkybones). Then we set off for a trip to find a Tesco. That completed, Mum asked me to 'Find the way home'. I did! No problem! I even took her to a better place to cross a busy road than the one we used on the way there! (I will happily accept the accolade of Smartybum!) That was all fine, but then, as we were nearly back to floatyboatyhome, Mum's back paws slipped on a muddy patch of pavement and she came crashing down to my level. It seems that she was worried about me because we were beside a very busy fast road, and I was worried about her because she just doesn't belong on the floor! She had red stuff coming out of her front paw too, but she wouldn't let me kiss that better. I did give her lots of loves and kisses though, and she squeezed and hugged me back.

Several nice manhumans stopped to help and check that we were all OK. Daddy had also rushed in to sort us out and had dropped the wheeliebag of shopping in the road.

When we got back Mummy took off her fursubstitutes and put them in the frothmonster machine (they were all muddy!) and she spent a while cleaning the red stuff off her front paw. I kept a very close vigil! She seems to be OK now but she does have a very strange-smelling pale brown thing stuck on that ouchie on her paw. She also seems to have a slightly podgy and red-dotted knee too!

I got a bone to make Mummy feel better! I'm not quite sure how that works but I wasn't going to turn down the offer! Heehee....Yummmmm!

On a much brighter note: Mummy says that our fundraising sponsorship is going really well for our Brighton Marathon Tenkay thingy. She says we have already smashed our original target of £300 so this has now raised to £500. How great is that? I do like the idea of these super workywalkieses to raise important shinydisks to help to sponsor a puppy to be another Guide Dog like me! Thank you with big wags and woofs to all who have donated shinydisks so far.


Thursday, 15 February 2018

Water, Water Everywhere!

4 miles three times, 13 locks, a lot of water and some admirers. That about sums up today.

Team Towpath in action, doing what we do best: Me guiding Mummy to 'find the beam', then waiting while she does all that windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff, then on to 'find the next beam'.......

Actually, I did it with Daddy first (but I didn't have to guide him - it was just a leisurely wander). He didn't do the pushy-pully bit with the big lock gates. He just did a lot of windy-upping. The big puddles between the locks were empty at first, but it seems that Daddy's windy-upping filled them up - and up - and up! So much so that some of them overflowed and the towpath disappeared! I somehow think that wasn't supposed to happen! Oops!

Before setting off with Mummy I had to wait and watch while Mummy and Daddy both played with a long stick with a shiny claw on the end. They were using it to pull all sorts of things out of the water; big bits of trees, bags, bottles, cans, coconuts, human paw-covers, a load of other rubbish and, the best bits; two balls that I got to play with! One was a little mouth-sized one that I lost when it went back into the water and down a big hole under the wall, and a big squishy football that went pop when I sank my fangs into it. That was great fun to shake and kill!

At the very last lock, we met some minihumans and their big humans. They all gave me nice fusses and the minihumans went for a ride down the lock aboard our floatyboatyhome while I looked after Mummy doing the heavywork with the gates. They were nice minihumans (not very mini really) and they seemed to have very happy up-at-the-corners mouths after their ride!

I had my dinner while we were still cruising along aboard floatyboatyhome, but soon afterwards, Daddy moored us up and one of my fans came aboard to give me fusses. It was lovely to meet you Bobby Randall. Sorry I made your knee a bit wet and sorry I couldn't keep my head up for long. It was very heavy after all that working today!

2 photos:
Team Towpath in action - me guiding Mum along the towpath under a bridge.

Greeting admirers at our last lock.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Crunch crunch crunch....pyoing ping pyoing....slosh slosh slosh.

It is horribly noisy and a bit scary when floatyboatyhome is pushing through hard water! It was OK when I was workywalkiesing Mum along the towpath - except that we left Daddy way behind on the boat. It seems that lumpy water makes it slower! When we got back aboard though it was a bit scary! I didn't like it much. I tried to lie down next to Mummy but I couldn't relax. It was like a growling noise all around! We survived though and all is cozy and snug and happy again.

Workywalkies went something like:
'On you go. Leave it......Oi!....Get on.....' - a tug up on the lead and a grumpy Mummy!
'Oakie...Leave it....head up....leave it....' 'Good boy to leave it' ' a tiny morsel of yummy.
''Oakie..Leave it' 'What a good boy' - bigger yummy
'Leave it. Straight on' - yummy
'Do your job' 'Leave it' - 'Good boy' - yummy
'Oakley! Leave it! Oi! Leave it! Oh you little tinker!' - no yummy!
'Do your job. Get on' - 'That's better! Good boy!' - yummy......

I think I am getting the message - but but but.....There are soooooo many important sniffings to sniff along an exciting new route! I think I shall let Mummy carry on 'teaching' me for a while. Teaching means yummies! Heehee!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Tenkay Practice!

Holibobs definitely over! Training has begun!

Not me! I don't need training to do a tenkay route. No no no..... I am training Mummy!

I took her for a four mile workywalkies today. It was a bit muddy sloshy squishy squelchy but I managed to steer her around most of the puddles. It was a nice walkies. We managed to dodge the leakyskies and found the little bit of the day when the glowball was out of hiding in the sky!

Mum says that the tenkay distance shouldn't be too much of a challenge as long as her back paws don't cause her problems. She just wants us to get quicker. She says we should be able to achieve the tenkay in two and a half hours, but if we can do it in two hours then she will be super chuffed. She also says we would achieve it quicker if we didn't keep stopping for weemails! Huff!

If you would like to support us in doing this then please click on the link and go to our fundraising page. We are hoping to raise at least 300 shinydisks to go towards our fund to sponsor another puppy to be trained to change someone's life like I have changed Mummy's.


Monday, 12 February 2018

Boomerball fun!

Dribbling and 'Leave it' seem to have been today's theme. In some instances they were most definitely linked.

It all started with a minor lake on the floor around my paws at breakfast time. It was Mum's fault entirely; She failed to give or drop me even the tiniest morsel to absorb my mouthjuice, so it had nowhere to go except into a puddle around my paws!

I then took Daddy on a trip to return the car to its kennel, and then we enjoyed a walkies back. That was all good. When we got back, Mum had the contents of a cupboard out all over the table. This included MY shelf! My shelf is where she hides all my yummies. So, with all my yummies out - mouthjuices started flowing again. More dribbling! Mum was a meanie; She not only put everything away again, but she also dropped a few of my yummies and had the audacity to tell me to 'Leave it'!! That was MY yummy - on the floor - pleading to be hoovered....... Huff! Then she told me I was a good boy to leave it, and promptly picked them all up and gave me - just ONE! I sense a bit of diddling going on here!

A bit later, we set off on a workywalkies into town. Our destination promoted yet more dribbling, and included lots of 'Leave it' commands too! The destination was the seriously yummy shop! The one with a see-through wall with loads of meat and sausages and bacon behind it! I may have left a bit of a mouthjuice puddle just in front of that display! Oops!

Adding to the torment was Mum's ongoing insistence on 'Leave it' aaaaaaalllll the way! It seems she is on some kind of mission to prevent me sniffing and weemailing and snaffling. She says it is not professional behaviour! Harrrumph!

When we got back home again, the floor got a bit soggy again. Mum failed again. I supervised her ever so carefully while she was unpacking all the meat, then using a shiny pointystick to cut it up and take bits off it, then pack it all into little bags. She then put it all into the big white chillycupboard that seems to make everything go hard. Her failure to drop anything was yet again the cause of the minor flood.

My dinner was super extra yummy tonight though. It had lots of little juicy squishy bits in it. I think it was something to do with what she was doing with that shiny stick thing. I think I forgive her!

The other bit of dribbling was great fun! When we got back after our workywalkies, Mum removed my harness, lead and noseband and I got to have a great game of dribble with my Boomerball. This mooring is great because there is a lovely big area where I can hoon around with that ball.

Click here for the video.