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Sunday, 28 May 2017


zzzzzz....... That's Mummy now! She seems to be absolutely compooperated! And all she has done is a whole load of yackety-yackety-yack-yack-yacking!

This morning, I took Daddy walkies while Mum 'got on with preparing' - whatever that means....??? That, of course is not a complaint at all - I got to have a fantabulous game of chase with with Lilly, the fellow floatyboatydog.

Most of the day was then spent either snoozing inside our floatyboatyhome or out on the towpath where we met with gazillions of humans, minihumans, other doggypals and - above all, Henry - a colleague! Henry is a fellow guide dog - a big black hairy beast who looks after Karen, his ladyhuman. We didn't get to do anything more exciting than meet, greet and kanoodle, but it is always great to meet a colleague!

There were some manhumans doing something extremely yummy-smelling: They had some huge bowl things that were really hot, and on cage things on top,they had super-yummies - sausages and flat round things. Humans were putting these into white squidgy things and then munching them. My mouth did some serious dripping at that but to no avail. Hummmmphhhh!

This evening, I took Mummy workywalkies on a slightly roundabout route (no complaints - we explored some twittens and therefore new routes - always good and exciting!) to the church where we have been a few times in the last week. We went inside and I got to chill out while Mum and Dad, plus some other floatyboatyhumans put chairs in rows and put human-drinking-bowls in rows and twiddled knobs and various other strange things. More humans arrived and sat in the seats, with hot brown stuff in their humandrinkingbowls. After a little while, Mum went up on the raised floor and did ooooooooodles of yachetying. She had a tiny little lollipop attached to her fursubstitute. I could hear her from a box on the wall.
While she was yacketying, I got to curl up and relax under some chairs, at the paws of some of my humanfriends.

Mum was telling everyone all about our story. Pictures of me and Mum and others appeared on the white wall behind her. At the end, I got to demonstrate some of my obedience! That was worth doing - yummy worth doing! Obedience = treats!

At the end of all this, everybody banged their front paws together, stuff was packed away,and, eventually we left. I took Mummy workywalkies on another extended, roundabout route home to our floatyboat. After finding several of our floatyboatyhumanfriends standing on a corner munching hot yellow yummysticks from paper packs, we went via some of the twittens and Mum got disorientated as it was getting dark. She asked me then to 'find the way home'. Well, I knew the way - via the corner where all the munching was going on! I headed straight there! The humans had gone, but they had left mess behind them on the pavement! Well....I couldn't possibly leave that mess there could I? I mean.....that would have been so wrong! Hoovering dutifully done, I guided Mum home to our floatyboatyhome.

We had to wait at the cage across the road while a very fast and noisy train went by. Then, once we reached the towpath again, I got to have a bit of a play with Lilly again! I think I'm falling in love......Lilly is a bit littler than me and she is a very pale golden labrador. She is fantabulous fun! She found a huge stick and we had a game of chase with it. At one point I got possession of it and ran off with it along the towpath. Lilly's humanmum, Sue. yelped as I ran past her. She says I am lacking in spacial awareness when I am running with a big stick in my mouth......... Ooopsie!

Now, Mum seems to have a humandrinkingbowl on a stick and it is filled with stinky red water. She is on the sofa......I think it is sofasnuggles time!

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Bark Shire!

Workyploddies was about all we could manage today - three and a quarter miles of it. Even on a new route, which would normally get me lots of 'Whoa. Steady' commands from Mum , I still couldn't muster my usual enthusiasm. It was faaaaarrrrr too hot for being energetic.

It was a nice walkies though and it did have a lovely cool bit in the middle when we went into a shop called the Co-Wop. That was a nice little new challenge. I managed to find the bread aisle for Mum when she was burbling about needing it.

We also stopped in the town centre bit where there were lots of those shops with flappy walls and roofs. They weren't there last time we went. We found some of our floatyboaty human friends there - of course that meant oooooodles of human yacketying. I just laid down for a rest on the grass. Eventually, after a session of talkybones being aimed at us, with various combinations of the humanfriends joining us, we got to leave and complete our plod.

I have largely snoozed away the rest of the day while Mum and Dad have both been busy doing loads of clicketyfingersing.

Ooh! I nearly forgot - before we went out Mum had to yackety with a ladyhuman with a huge black lollipop. There was a car parked beside the boats and it had big sticky-uppy things on the roof. Apparently, this was called an Outside Broadcast on BeeBeeSee Radio Barksheer. I didn't See any Bees or hear any barking but I stood like a good boy while the yacketying went on. Mummy said nice things about me and about Guide Dogs, as well as about what we are all doing here with our floatyboatyhomes.

Thursday, 25 May 2017


Minihumans. Gazillions of them! All together in one room.......aaaaaggggghhhhhh!

Mum said we were going for a toddle. At least I thought that was what she said.....I then heard something about a toddler group.......I don't think that is a pleasant wandering kind of toddle is it?

There was one little girlyminihuman who was nice. She did some soothing ear-strokes and belly rubs. After she finished adoring me though, I managed to crawl, commando-style, under the chair Mum was sitting on. She was yacketying with a grownup ladyhuman so she didn't notice my slinking away to safety.

After all the yacketying and playing and minihumanhowling was over, I got to help with the clearing up and putting away. Mum and the other ladyhumans were busy putting wheeliething and noisythings and all sorts of boxes of colourful things away into a big cupboard. By the time they had finished doing that I had managed to put away aaaaallllll the tasty crumbs of biccies left scattered all over the floor by all those minihumans. Now that kind of putting away is good to do!

Workywalkies back again after that was a bit ploddy - it was very hot. Mum kept us on the shady side of the road, so we then had to cross over at a busy place instead of at the bleepycrossing. I did good! We made it!

Most of the rest of the day has been spent snoozing on the floor at the back of the boat. It was a bit cooler there - and it was safely out of the way of the hoards of slightly bigger minihumans who were visiting our floatyboatyhomes today.

A slightly cooler workywalkies this evening was nice though, even if we did have to wait aaaaaages at the cage door that came down across the road and pavement when the train came by.



"Stay out of the water" said Mum......just too late! Heehee! I was already in the river! Ooooh it was lovely!

"Big shake" - well that I can do on command - just perfectly aimed to soak everyone around rather well I think!

"Nooooooo....don't roll in the dust."

"Go swim again. Rinse it all off" - Okay! Don't mind if I do!

"Big shake" - got 'em again! 

"Roll on the grass....Nooooo! Not the dust, you numpty! Oh! I give up!" 

Heeheeheeee! That white cloth is no longer white! The towel is s delightful shade of yuck too!

Before all of this, I had donated my bone to Bess, the old ladydog next door. She is enjoying gnawing on it. I think I heard Mum say something about getting a new one out for me.......I shall have to carry out my old ones more often and present them to a fellow pooch......

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My Life is SUCH hard work!!!

Workywalkies. Fuss & admiration. Car ride. Fuss & admiration. Walkies. Fuss & admiration. Chill out on towpath. Fuss & admiration. Walkies. Swim. Fuss but less admiration (it seems humans are less admiriing of a soggy doggy!). Car ride. Bus ride. Fuss & admiration.

It is tough being me sometimes. Will my head and ears get worn out or will they get more shiny with being polished?

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Just Desserts...


It seems I am welcome aboard our friends' floatyboats, but not quite so welcome as to help myself to yummies! Sorry Bess. Those yummies were just so begging me to check them out though...... apparently they are supposed to be good for dogs' teeth....... I was only testing the theory........Mum was a right meanie......she confiscated the rest of the pack and errrrr.... .escorted me from the premises! I couldn't complete the testing. Mum was even meanier when it came to my dinner.....I got less than usual. Harrumph!

Monday, 22 May 2017


WOW! I have 2000 likes! Mum says that is a big big number! Can I please have a yummy for each one - then I might get a better idea of just how big that number is.......please? Well.....it would help me to understand.......

It has been a largely lazy chilled out day today. I took Mum and Dad, plus all the rest of the floatyboatyhumans to a church this morning. I like that church; it has comfy carpet and good hoovering! Then, after the return workywalkies, I have played on and off all afternoon with Lilly and a whole load of passing pooch pals here on the towpath. In between plays and meet-n-greets, I have enjoyed snoozing on the grass in the warmth fro the fireball in the sky.

This evening, we went to a different church where I got to snooze under a chair on another comfy carpet. Mum and Dad went up on the raised floor and did some yacketying with a black lollipop.
I have now just returned from taking Daddy for a nice leisurely evening walkies and now, with Mummy-sofa-snuggles, my eyelids seem rather heavy........zzzzzz