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Sunday, 19 November 2017

House Arrest!

Jasper! My long missed buddy!

I first met Jasper when he was a diddy pup. He came to visit us aboard our floatyboatyhome. It has been forever since then and we have missed each other sooooo much! Today we were reunited and had a great time getting reacquainted. Jasper is a little Staffie x Frenchie. The poor boy is on something called 'house arrest'. He isn't allowed out at all except to weemail in the garden. That sounds horrific! His humandad said it is because he has a poorly back and is confined to quarters on vet's orders. I did my bestest to cheer him up today. We had a great ear-chewing, kanoodling, rolling session in his lounge. Jasper, I hope you get out of prison soon! I wanna go play properly with you buddy!

In other news today: It was a long workywalkies to church this morning and the grass was all white and crunchy! When I watered it, it hissed and huffed at me! We didn't return by the usual route though - so no freerun! Humph! Instead, it was another long workywalkies to a human yummyery. After a little lie down there, some long missed human buddies arrived! Jan and Lizzie and Adrian Yummyears Hartopp! Ooooooh! that was a lovely waggytail-earlicking-doggykisses reunion! After that Adrian got up and greeted Mum and Dad too!

It was a long under-the-table snooze session but afterwards, I got to ride in the back of their car with Lizzie. That was nice to have company in my space in the car! We went to their house and that was where the bestest reunion happened! That was where Jasper came dashing out to meet n greet me!

Two photos of me and Jasper kanoodling. Jasper is a white-with-grey-patches Staffie x French Bulldog.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Three Bus Rides and a Train Ride!

Home again - all cozy and dozy!

That London malarkey is exhausting!

Three bus rides and a train ride all had my head getting heavy. Now, back home aboard floatyboatyhome, with the hotbox glowing and Mum sharing my bed on the sofa, I really don't seem to be able to keep my eyelids open either.....zzzzzz.....

2 photos;
Dozing on the bus.

Curled up all cozy on my bed on the sofa.

Aunty Debbi is now a Master!

Second attempt to tell you all about the strange day yesterday. I tippetytapped it all but it all went on a huff and wouldn't puplish.

The day started with a nice challenge of a workywalkies - all on completely new territory. I even had to take Mum on an 'offkerb' because a tree was blocking the pavement!

We arrived at a hugantic building and went inside. There we found Ryan and Debbi. Everyone was covered in posh fursubstitutes, including Mummy and Daddy (a rare covering!). Like lots and lots of people there, Debbi not only had posh togs on but also a big floatyflappy black fursubstitute with blue and grey bits on it, and an upside-down dogbowl on her head!

All the people wearing these peculiar things went up onto a highfloor, jiggled paws with some other manhumans who were up there, also wearing strange things. While all this was going on, the people on all the seats did endless lots of front-paw-banging-together. Then we spent ages in another part of the huuuuuge place where the humans all had long skinny bowls on sticks, with bubbly water inside. There was a few tiny morsels for me to hoover on the floor, and loads and loads of fusses and admirations to enjoy!

After all this and loads of one-eyed-clickybox posing, we set off on another workywalkies ending in a lie down under a table in a human yummyery. Then another workywalkies to find Ryan's car. I got to ride in the front, between Mum's back paws and we went to Debbi Ryan's house - and that wonderful huge garden! Yippee! That was a very welcome game of ducking and diving and rough and tumble with Ryan was fabtabulous! After a snooze on the carpet while loads of yacketying went on, and a close encounter with a hissing furball, we got back into Ryan's car and he delivered us back to our humankennelblock. This gave me the opportunity to polish off my lovely bone. I just about managed it before my head became too heavy to hold up any longer!

4 photos:
Me posing with Debbi and Ryan in their posh togs. Debbi is also wearing that strange black floaty thing and the upside down dogbowl on her head.

Debbi on the highfloor jiggling paws with another strangely clad manhuman. There is a huge Debbi on the wall behind them too!

Debbi posing in her upside-down-dogbowl and floatygown. Behind her is a wall with squiggles on it. Mum says those squiggles say 'University of West London'.

Me in the front of Ryan's car, snuggled between Mum's back legs.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Eat Your Heart Out, Ralph McTell!

Have you seen the Guide Dog
Who walks the streets of London
Guiding his Mum
with his harness on?

He’s no time for plodding
He just keeps right on striding
Weaving his Mum

through all the crowds

So how can you tell me I’m naughty
And say for me that I’m wearing out?
Let Mum take me by the handle
lead her through the streets of London
Show her how I still work my paws off!

Yep! London again. Workywalkies, train, workywalkies, bug red bus, workywalkies, big red bus, workywalkies, big red bus, workywalkies........and now.....bone munching relaxation in a humankennelblock!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Cleaning Job!

Yummy manhuman!

After a fairly mundane workywalkies with Mummy (it seems The Range in the new Dullelm! and this time, she managed to resist my attempts to get her to the good aisle!), I got to take Daddy on a leisure walkies to a red and white striped shop. It was a GOOD trip! Not only did I get bones, but I also got to make a new humanfriend who had seriously yummy front paws! He said something about needing to go and give them a good wash before going back behind the counter. I don't know why - I thought I did a superb job of cleaning them for him!

Photo shows me inside a butcher shop, enjoying a wonderful fuss time with the butch man who is bending down with his hands by my face. He is wearing a white fursubstitute and a stripey long bib, and a white hat.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Sooooooo Good!

YaaayyHayyyy! I had a playdate!

It all started with workywalkies to the bus stop, then around town. First came 'Find Specsavers'. Done! No problem! That seemed to be a quick visit just for Mum to collect a little white rectangle called a 'priscispshun' or something. Anyway, I managed to attract some nice fusses so that was all good!

Next came a bit more workywalkies around to a different bit of town and 'Find the optician'. That was the little shop with the step outside and nice fuss-giving humans inside - oh - and lots and lots of racks of eye-windows! This visit got me a lie down on the carpet while Mum yacketyyacked with a nice ladyhuman who, it seems, is getting Mum sorted with some new eye-windows. This made Mum's mouth go up at the corners! The ladyhuman mentioned some numbers that made Daddy's mouth go down a bit in the corners though! This seemed to have something to do with a little rectangle thing that got fed into a bleepybox. I just enjoyed some more fusses and admirations!

Next, came a longish workywalkies to yet another part of town; a rather appealling part of town; the big huge ginormous Winfield Park! Yippeeeeee! I thought.......but......HOWWWWWLLLLL! We went straight past it! On the wrong side of the road - despite my bestest efforts to steer Mum to the crossing! Instead, we went to a pub! I had to just lie down on the hard floor while Mum and Dad 'enjoyed' some bubbly clear stuff.

They did come to their senses though and finally allowed me guide them both to the right place! Over the crossing and through the yellow gate! There, I found my buddy colleague Guide Dog Slipper! Yippeeee! Very soon, our Mum's removed our harnesses and leads and gave us that fantabulous command 'Go Play'! We had a fabtastic time running big zoomies together - all around the whole expanse of that wonderful huge park! We found a couple of diddy Labrador puppies to have a brief play with too!

A whole hour of such fun was a bit tiring but OOOOOOOHHHHHH it was sooooooo good! I may have been a tad ploddy back on workywalkies duty after that! The work wasn't finished yet! I had to guide Mum back into town, then into a pawcovers shop. That gave me a chance for a lie down while Mum put various pawcovers on her back paws, Then there was one more lie down in a human yummyery while Mum and Dad had hot brown drinks.

I would have had a lie down on the bus back home too, but it was mega crowded so I just had to sit up and rest my chin on Mum's knee.

Now, back home aboard cosy warm floatyboatyhome, I seem to be having a bit of trouble keeping my eyes open.......zzzzzzzz,,,,,

4 photos:
Me and Slipper enjoying a leisurely mutual sniff about in the big park.

A brief playtime with two tiny Lab pups.

Zoomies together - me and Slipper.

A bit of a rest - for a moment - Slipper lying down, me standing waiting for the next burst of energetic zoomies.